01 Jul 2014 Written by ChicCEO

Benefits of a Franchise

Becky Taylor has always been passionate about education. And that was before she became a franchise owner of multiple Sylvan Learning centers in eastern North Carolina — two in Greenville, N.C.; three in the New Bern/Morehead City territory; and one in Rocky Mount.The Jacksonville, N.C., native has a degree in Special Education from East Carolina University (ECU) in Greenville, as well as a Master’s Degree in Learning Disabilities from ECU.

24 Jun 2014 Written by ChicCEO

Pantene's "I'm Sorry" Ad

Like most hair care products, Pantene regularly releases commercials that feature models who have bouncy, glossy and healthy long locks. In a recent ad however, Pantene took a hard look at an issue deeper than shiny hair, in an impactful way that remained on brand and sent a powerful message to the brand’s target audience, and beyond.
The brand’s latest commercial delves into the concept of "sorry." The ad features various women’s knee-jerk reaction to apologize for every-day occurrences, something that likely resonates with most women who watch it. A young professional woman depicted in the commercial says sorry when she enters a coworker's office to ask a question. A polished professional woman says sorry when she asks a male coworker to clarify something. A busy mother says sorry to her partner when she passes their young son over to him. A wife says sorry to her husband when she takes her side of the blanket when they're both trying to sleep.
23 Jun 2014 Written by ChicCEO

I've Never Said "I Love You" First

Being a curious person, I ask a million questions. A guy I used to date at dinner parties would say, "Stephanie's around here somewhere, you can't miss her - she's the one asking questions."  It was a running joke.
The questions really never end.  Some questions keep me awake at night, "does the Zero Point Field really exist?" and some are fleeting, "what would I look like with a shaved head?" and every question in between.
20 Jun 2014 Written by ChicCEO

Strong Inside Out

Chic CEOs are on a mission. We developed our ideas to make the world a better place and to help people lead fuller lives.
One tactic that many Chic CEOs use to expand their businesses is to share their stories to empower others out of negative situations. By building instant rapport with your target audience, you gain trust much more quickly than you normally would. 
13 Jun 2014 Written by ChicCEO

You Are Not Your Results

You Are Bigger Than Your Results

I'm spending the weekend at Brandon Hawk's YouTraining and after our first day - and a lot of crying - the thing that shook me to the core was this simple sentence: YOU ARE GREATER THAN YOUR RESULTS.

As it sunk in, my head started to spin. "But that's my identity. My results. What I've built. That's who I am. How can that be true?" The tears started to well up in my eyes as this truth hit me like a kiss from a fist. Owwwwwwwww………

04 Jun 2014 Written by ChicCEO

Women's Speaker Series

Women's Speaker Series Benefiting Girls Inc. San Diego

03 Jun 2014 Written by ChicCEO

Introducing Blitz Strategy Calls

Ready for some action-focused strategy, packed into a 20 min call every week? When you have a small team or going solo, learning clever ways of being efficient, spreading the word, planning your day, etc. are really valuable. 

We'll be jamming every week on a topic that will help you get efficient, create systems, proper mindset, handling your team and more. 


Here's how they work: 

21 May 2014 Written by ChicCEO

Why Men Are Important To Female Entrepreneurship

I get asked a lot why I chose to focus on women when starting Chic CEO. Why would I ignore the other half? Don't guys need this information too? I've even been called sexist by men who think my business is an offense to their gender. 
The truth is, I love men. I chose to focus on women because I saw a market that wasn't being served. Smart, amazing women who were looking for a resource that gave them the clear, how-to information they wanted. But from the very beginning, men have served a very important role in the growth of Chic CEO - and without them, we wouldn't be doing the work we do.
16 May 2014 Written by ChicCEO
Chic CEO - How To Start A Business

Bonuses Gone Tonight!!

The Chic Elite Program will always be here for you, but $2600 worth of bonuses will not! 
1) 4 Weeks of group coaching - we're going to jam together and I'm going to bring some friends along
2) Spotlight on the Chic CEO Blog - 100k visits a month to our site, let's tell everyone about you!
3) Partnership Course - Great course if you are going to startup with a partner or thinking about bringing one on. 
4) Lifetime Access to the Download Center - templates and outlines to use immediately.
14 May 2014 Written by ChicCEO

4 Reasons

It's a list! Everyone loves a list...
The 4 Reasons You Should Join the Chic Elite Program:
First though, I got this email this morning and wanted to share:

"Good morning Stephanie! I just wanted to let you know how much the Chic Elite program has helped me. Even after just the first training, I feel like I'm more prepared.  I am a few weeks out from the launch of my online mentoring site for women." -Mackenzie Molinari

1. Because I've fallen flat on my face, and you're too pretty for that. 


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