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18 Jun 2012 Written by chicceo In

Million Dollar Biz Launched in a Dormroom!

3 years ago, classmates Katie and Susie came up with a product to make all of our lives a little more comfortable. They came up with CitySlips, foldable ballet flats that come in a compact pouch that turns into a convenient carrying case for the heels you switch out of…brilliant. Even more brilliant than the concept of their product is the fact that they started with just $10,000, out of their doormroom! We had the chance to sit down with these two young entrepreneurs to learn more about their journey…check it out below.

17 Jun 2012 Written by chicceo In

New York State of Mind

We are now back from New York and after a whirlwind of meetings, sightseeing, lots of eating and a successful NYC SAVVY event, some reflection is in order. Taking a moment to think about where we were just a year ago as we approach the one-year anniversary of our San Diego SAVVY events…well, its amazing. This time last year we were just about to find out that Forbes thinks we are one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurial Websites for Women. Our team of 2 has grown to 6 plus our fabulous intern and we were able to visit with our fist intern as she now works for a company in New York that she met through her internship with us. The opportunities that we get to explore today (announcements to come in the near future…lots in the works) are things we could never have imagined even just a couple of months ago.

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"What you want wants you" - Mark Victor Hansen

What I want, wants me?
I knew that cupcake was flirting with me...
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Want to Become a Bestselling Author?

Hey Sister - Have aspirations of becoming an author?

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The User Experience

When you are creating your business, website, app, etc., it's so very important to make sure the experience isn't clunky or unintuitive. Cindy Alvarez is an expert in user experience and she's outlined the Top 10 Things I've Learned About User Experience. Good stuff, ladies, read carefully.

02 Jun 2012 Written by chicceo In

Victoria's Secret and Bloomberg Businessweek

Last night, we attended a fabulous networking event in downtown San Diego. As it was winding down, a few of us girls decided to head to another event. Four women in my car, all CEOs of our own companies.
31 May 2012 Written by chicceo In

S.H.E. Summit Week - NYC

June 18 - 24, 2012, New York City

A new kind of event for women, S.H.E. Summit Week features 25+ grassroots, pop-up events designed to inspire you in work, life & everything in between! What’s your passion or curiosity? From entrepreneurship, networking, professional development to beauty, wellness, causes, art & film – the week gives you access to fabulous events and activities organized by women-led brands featured on and beyond!  Don’t wait…Space for each event is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

31 May 2012 Written by chicceo In

Chic Interview with the Co-Founders of Hipiti

We had the pleasure of meeting Rama Katkar, co-founder of Hipiti at the Women 2.0 Pitch Competition in February. Hipiti, the new site that strives to be the most dependable source for sale and promotion code information from all your favorite retailers (hello awesomeness!), had not yet launched when we met Rama but we were stoked about the concept. Now, Hipiti is in its Beta and the dynamo duo has offered our community the opportunity to be some of the first users. To check out what Hipiti has to offer, you can use code Chic-CEO at Read on to learn more about how Hipiti co-founders, Rama Katkar and Kristin Flink Kranias, formed their partnership and successfully built the super fabulous shopping tool!

30 May 2012 Written by chicceo In

SAVVY Events

SAVVY events, powered by Chic CEO, sponsored by Go Daddy, create a fun, relaxed environment to meet up with entrepreneurs, momprenuers, CEOs, directors, savvy business women and other entrepreneurial-minded ladies who are interested in sharing ideas, learning, teaching and helping one another! Mingle with these amazing women while dining on some yummy appetizers and a complimentary beverage.

28 May 2012 Written by chicceo In

Chic CEO Welcomes Veronica Belmont

Chic CEO is so excited to announce that we've brought on our first advisor, Veronica Belmont. Veronica is an on-air host with Tekzilla and Sword and Laser as well as writes for a myriad of gaming and tech sites. Based in San Francisco, Veronica is really influential and involved in the tech and startup space. She'll be working with Chic CEO on long-term strategy, partnerships and growth. In addition to advising Chic CEO, she advises Goodreads, gdgt, and to name a few. Not only is Veronica smart, savvy and successful - she is most definitely chic. Millions interact with her daily on Twitter as she's the go-to expert on what's new in tech, gaming and new media. We are thrilled to have her on board as Chic CEO grows!!

24 May 2012 Written by chicceo In

Be Bold.

As entrepreneurs we often spend a lot of time thinking of ideas, new concepts, new promotions and more ways to spread the word about our brand, services and products. All of this thinking time is very vital but is there more you can be doing? Our founder, Stephanie, strongly dislikes the term "think outside the box" but she fully subscribes to the meaning behind that cliché term. Its time to think bigger! Be Bold.
18 May 2012 Written by chicceo In

Vital Organs of the 21st Century

Last year we hired one of our first It Girls, Melanie. She was an amazing intern and we knew she was going to be a rock star. Well, our little rock star recently graduated from San Diego State’s School of Journalism & Media Studies. We are so proud of her but even more proud that she made a contact while working with us and secured herself an amazing opportunity to work with Bollare in their New York office.  As we said our goodbyes to Melanie (over cocktails of course), she had the brilliant idea of writing some guest blog posts for us from NYC. So ladies and gents…(who are we kidding... ladies and ladies), introducing Melanie Ehrenkranz and her blog posts of leisure, life and NYC as she experiences it… 


16 May 2012 Written by chicceo In

Chic Interview with Ashley Allison of The Dailey Method

Chic CEO is so stoked for Ashley Allison! She is about to open the doors to her brand new studio where she will be teaching The Dailey Method as a new franchisee in San Diego, CA. Her studio is opening at the end of the month, just in time for Memorial Day and Stephanie and Jody are two of her first clients! Ashley will be working closely with Stephanie and Jody and we'll be tracking their progress along the way, stay tuned for more updates on that journey. For now, we couldn't be happier to share Ashley's entrepreneurial story with you, read on...
14 May 2012 Written by chicceo In

E + R = O

Dr. Robert Resnick, a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA has a very simple equation he uses when speaking to others about personal responsibility. 

09 May 2012 Written by chicceo In

Shout Out to the Mamas!

This post is dedicated to the Chic Mama's out there, who are not only creators of their own business, but co-creators of a tiny life! Here's our ode to all of the mama's out there who KNOW they can have and do it all. 
08 May 2012 Written by chicceo In

Sure, Fine, Whatever.

I saw this little drawing today by Jessica Hagy, in a piece she wrote for Forbes.
07 May 2012 Written by chicceo In

Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream

Join us on May 14th at 6pm PST / 9pm EST for a virtual fireside chat with Whitney Johnson, author of the soon to be release book, "Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare To Dream" and discover what can happen in your life as you follow her three-step model toward personal advancement and happiness.

07 May 2012 Written by chicceo In

Venue Please - Chic New Web Resource

Libby Anderson launched her unique venue! We are very excited for her and wanted to be the first to share her new company with all of you! Check out this interview that highlights

03 May 2012 Written by chicceo In

Hiring a Contractor or Employee: Part II

We've asked our good friend, Mel Shaw, from Z Life Media to give us some insight into her experiences with hiring contractors and employees as she's had a some very interesting experiences with it. Here is part II of her two part blog post:

30 Apr 2012 Written by chicceo In

Hiring a Contractor or Employee: Part I

We've asked our good friend, Mel Shaw, from Z Life Media to give us some insight into her experiences with hiring contractors and employees as she's had a some very interesting experiences with it. Read on sister, you won't be sad you did.



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