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28 Jan 2013 Written by chicceo In

Can you recommend a....

Almost daily, we get asked for recommendations for all sorts of business services like website designers, attorneys, CPAs, insurance, etc. So we've put together the Chic Black Book to help you find the best of the best in your area. 

Now that we are edging up on tax day, you probably need to get your finances in order. If you need a talented CPA or bookkeeper - check out our recommendations in our Chic Black Book for your area. We're working on new cities as we speak, so if you don't see your city don't worry, it's coming soon!

San Diego, CA 
San Francisco, CA
Boston, CA
New York City, NY
Portland, OR
Austin, TX
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX

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Chic Interview, Laurie Barron owner of 3 B Street

We got the chance to sit down with Laurie Barron, owner of the newly launched 3 B Street!!
Tell us what 3 B Street is. 
3 B Street is an online, handmade marketplace for buyers and sellers.  It is quickly becoming the premier marketplace where sellers are carefully selected to ensure high quality, authenticity, and integrity of handmade goods.  3 B Street offers sellers advanced, integrated features to create their own stores while nurturing the success of sellers.  Buyers will be delighted with a unique shopping venue and will easily find that perfect handmade product.  Take a stroll through 3 B Street and enjoy the experience.
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2013 Geek Girl Conferences

Our strategic partner, Geek Girl, has two new conferences on the horizon for 2013. Geek Girl Conferences are technology “unconferences” for women of all ages and knowledge levels where you can go to take classes on everything to do with computers, PC and Mac, the Internet, marketing, consumer electronics, software, social media, Photoshop, blogging, podcasting, digital photography, and more!

Use the Discount Code CHICGEEK13 for 20% Off!

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Women 2.0 Conference 2013: "The Next Billion"

We are happy to partner with Women 2.0 to help them spread the word about their upcoming conference - check it out:

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Build Your Advisory Board

A smart entrepreneur knows what she's good at doing and what she's not good at doing. Almost every small business has some areas in their business where they could use some strategic guidance. Assembling an advisory board is a great way to fill in some of those holes and get some smart direction. Advisors should not only be helpful but passionate about what you are doing. Here are few things to think about when assembling your board.  
03 Jan 2013 Written by chicceo In

The Right Time

When is it the "Right Time" to start your business? 
As we head into the new year, it seems that a lot of new things get started around this time. New eating plans, new resolutions, new workout routines... and a lot of things that we let go of as well. But is the beginning of the year a good time to start a business? 
We think it is. 
27 Dec 2012 Written by chicceo In

Tell Us Your Goals For 2013!!

The New Year is upon us and we are really looking forward to 2013. Taking some time to reflect on the year and preparing for the new one has been on my mind a lot lately.  What goals am I going to set for next year? Peter Drucker said, "What gets measured gets managed." It's a very true adage and we definitely subscribe to it. As you decide what your goals are for 2013 - also decide how you are going to measure them.

Here are a few examples:

18 Dec 2012 Written by chicceo In

Looking for Startup Ideas?

A lot of entrepreneurs find their startup idea through accident or necessity. A bit of inspiration comes their way and intuition takes it from there. But what if you don't have a bit of inspiration? What if necessity doesn't show up? 
12 Dec 2012 Written by chicceo In

4.5 Tips On Year End Money Management

As the year winds down and you catch yourself thinking more and more about the eggnog, shopping, and holiday parties - it can be extremely hard to concentrate on the business! It’s even harder to concentrate on the dull subjects, like… well, bookkeeping. Yet, the end of the year is one of the most crucial times to analyze, reflect and plan for the next year of success. Elena Emma, co-owner of Booxkeeping has given us 4 ½  tips on what to focus on in December.

11 Dec 2012 Written by chicceo In

Tuesday Toast: Melissa Stewart, She Owns It

Tuesday's Toast is a way for us to raise our glasses and tip our hats to some women who definitely deserve a bit of recognition. Recognition for being savvy, being brilliant and for kicking some serious ass.
07 Dec 2012 Written by chicceo In

12 Chic Days of Giveaways!

We are so excited for our 12 Days of Giveaways!! We are giving away some awesome gifts from our partners below! Make sure to check them out.

PS: Don't forget to fill our form to enter!!

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Angel Investing Organizations Focus on Women

There's a quiet movement gaining momentum: increasing the number of women investors. As we see more women taking reins of companies and filling seats on corporate boards, the number of female investors has lagged. Studies show that women make up just 10-15% of angel investors and venture capitalists. Fortunately, this is beginning to change.
05 Dec 2012 Written by chicceo In

Women CEOs- Myths and Messages From The Top


Women CEOs – Myths & Messages From The Top – An infographic by the team at Motif Investing. Motif Investing is an online broker offering innovative online investing and stock trading services to turn ideas and global trends into investment opportunities.


29 Nov 2012 Written by chicceo In

Does Appearance Equal Experience?

Old School Thought...
Yesterday, one of my interns came into my office to ask my opinion on something. She noticed that Jody's hair is short and my hair is about shoulder length and wondered if we wore our hair shorter for a reason. 

She has gorgeous, long, thick hair and one of her male professors told her that she needed to cut her hair short if she wanted to be taken seriously when she entered the workforce. Citing that having short hair was more like a man's, that long hair was too youthful and she would be seen as inexperienced. 

26 Nov 2012 Written by chicceo In

A Map is Not a Territory

I heard this expression over the holiday weekend and it really hit home with me. What it means is that a representation of something isn't necessarily reality. A "map" is something we use to get from one place to another. It's a way for us to navigate through a city, county, country, etc. Using a map, we can get to where we are going using a ton of different routes. 
But a map is not reality - it's a representation of it. We don't really have little blue and red lines running through our world and our forests don't look like cartoon trees. We all create maps in our minds of how we navigate through a territory - how we get from one place to another. Whether it's an idea, a conclusion, a solution, etc. Everyone has their own map - their own representation of reality. 
Your map will be different than another person's map, it's just the way it is. You might end up at the same destination, but your perception of that journey might be mapped out completely different than another's.
What if we could trade maps? Perhaps that correlates to "walking a mile in another's shoes?" Trading maps sounds great, but forcing a map on another does not. 
We're all on our own journey...  what does your map look like?


20 Nov 2012 Written by chicceo In

Don't Feed Fish Apple Pie

UC Professor George Lakoff said, "Relying on reason is a good way to lose." 
When we create our businesses and go out to get new clients, we like to tell them all about us. Why our company is great, why we are amazing, why they should work with us. We tend to head to networking events, pass out our cards and spew information about ourselves and our company - we love it, so they should too, right? We assume because we've put so much love, attention, time and energy into our business, that of course they would love it and come running with money in hand.
Well you wouldn't feed apple pie to a fish would you?
20 Nov 2012 Written by chicceo In

Tuesday Toast: Marie Forleo

Tuesday's Toast is a way for us to raise our glasses and tip our hats to some women who definitely deserve a bit of recognition. Recognition for being savvy, being brilliant and for kicking some serious ass.
19 Nov 2012 Written by chicceo In

How a Small Biz Owner Keeps It Together

Cameron Meeker, owner of Meeker Ink in San Diego, CA gives us some insight on how she keeps her business running with Go Daddy as her partner.

06 Nov 2012 Written by chicceo In

Bookkeeper Girl- Kim Pollard

In 2008, Kim Pollard launched Bookkeeper Girl  with a laptop, a loyal client and an idea that through the use of technology she could reduce the cost of payroll and bookkeeping to just pennies on the dollar and provide small businesses with an essential service to grow their businesses. Through her philosophy, “Gotta Have Faith,” she quickly grew from her home office to three locations – their corporate office in Denton, TX, and satellite offices in Austin, and Dallas.
06 Nov 2012 Written by chicceo In

Stiletto Escape - Shivani Ballesteros & Jana Wallis

Planning a trip with your girlfriends? Check out the ladies who run Stiletto Escape: 

Name: Shivani Ballesteros & Jana Wallis
Company: Stiletto Escape  

Background: Early on in their friendship, Shivani and Jana recognized mutual passions for travel, food, and friends, in addition to a desire to have more autonomy in their work lives. Both women quickly realized they had a common problem: they wanted to travel with their girlfriends, but the planning was a consistent obstacle. Everyone could find the time to take a vacation, but no one was able to invest the hours after work or on the weekends to actually piece together the fantastic vacations they all wanted. 


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