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TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs - Silicon Valley

We are stoked to partner with Webgrrls International again, to invite you to attend the TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs event on April 13-14 in Silicon Valley!

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Are you ready to work miracles?

Gabrielle Bernstein believes that simple, consistent shifts in our thinking and actions can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives, including our relationships, finances, bodies, and self-image.

Join us for the May Cause Miracles Virtual Conference March 25-29, 2013!

In this free online conference, based on her best-selling book, Gabrielle will be bringing together 20+ miracles workers including Marie Forleo, Kris Carr, Danielle LaPorte,  Mastin Kipp, Nick Ortner and many others who will share about releasing fear and allowing gratitude, forgiveness, and love to flow. All of which, ultimately, lead to breathtaking lives of abundance, acceptance, appreciation, and happiness.

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SXSW - Day 5 Startup Roundup

It's the last day of SXSW and this has been an amazing week! There are so many cool startups here this year, and it's been great sharing them with you. Here are the companies I learned about on my last day here:
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SXSW - Day 4 Startup Roundup

Here we go! Day 4 of SXSW and here are some cool startups I learned about:
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SXSW - Day 3 Startup Roundup

Day 3 is over and just like the two days before, I’ve gotten the chance to meet some really amazing people and some really amazing startups. Here’s who I met today:
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NAWBO partners with

Our strategic partner, NAWBO announced today that it has formed a partnership with and Sheryl Sandberg to support women "Leaning In" to their ambitions.


Women Are Starting Businesses at Record Numbers and Responsible for Employing More Than 13 Million People and Generating $1.9 Trillion in Sales

Washington, DC – March 11, 2013 – The National Association of Women Business Owners (
NAWBO) is announcing today its partnership with Sheryl Sandberg and LeanIn.Org, an organization dedicated to combining practical education and focused discussion to give women—at all levels of their careers—the tools they need to realize their goals.
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SXSW - Day 2 Startup Roundup

Day 2 is over and again, I've met some really cool founders of really cool startups. Here's the roundup:
Easily Do is a productivity app with a twist. This app will scrub all of your social and productivity apps to keep you organized and on top of your world. Aggregating your calendar, Facebook, email, etc., Easily Do will put everything you need to do in one place and predict for you which is most important and when you should get started. @easilydo

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SXSW - Day 1 Startup Roundup

Day 1 of South by Southwest is officially over and of course, I learned about, chatted with and shared umbrellas with some really cool startups. Here's my round up of who I chatted with:
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2013 Business Women's Mega Mixer - SD

Your participation in this historic event will help us raise money for our 2013 non-profit beneficiaries! Dress for Success
San Diego and Working Wardrobes!

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10 Rules for Building a Website

Whether you’re new to the Web or a full-fledged online expert, there are 10 rules that everyone needs to consider when launching a new website. Here they are sister, make it pretty.

1. Use Simple, Clean Design
While it’s tempting to put every imaginable bell and whistle on your site, your visitors would rather you didn’t. Remember, your goal isn’t to dazzle them with your design skills; it’s to get them to follow through with whatever action you’re looking for (such as calling for appointments, buying something, or signing up for your mailing list).
Try to pare down anything that could slow a customer’s visit or obstruct your point. Too many social media icons, extra images and unnecessary information can make your site seem cluttered. Look at sites you frequent; chances are, they have a streamlined design. If you use a clean layout, your users will thank you for the improved experience.

Quick Solution: Go Daddy Website Builder™ makes web design easy with a huge library of ready-made, customizable templates.
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Changes to Contracting Program to Help WOB Compete for Federal Contracts

Are you a woman-owned business looking to get a slice of the more than $400 billion dollar federal contracting pie?  Under the new National Defense Authorization Act of 2013, the SBA will make changes to its Wom
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Spark & Hustle Time

It’s time to go EXTREME with Spark & Hustle. Every event is led by Tory Johnson, founder of Spark & Hustle, weekly contributor on Good Morning America, contributing editor to SUCCESS magazine and New York Times bestselling author. (Take a minute to learn more about Tory here.)

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Dell Women's Global Entrepreneurship Study

New survey research released by Dell reveals optimism and opportunity for women-owned businesses in the US. 

The survey examined indicators of business confidence, along with their motivations, financing options and sources of support.
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Chic CEO and NAWBO Announce Partnership

Media Contact:
Amy Kauffman
Chic CEO and NAWBO Announce Partnership
National nonprofit collaborates to propel female entrepreneurs
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Balance. Love & Work.

Every now and then, we get so consumed in our work, that we neglect our relationships. So how do you find a healthy balance between love and work?  The balance between love and your career requires work, but it's worth it...

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2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses Survey

2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses Survey Finds Optimism Pervasive

A national survey of women business owners (WBOs) conducted by Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: WWWW) and our strategic partner, the
National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) found a pervasive sense of economic optimism, including a prediction by most WBOs (85 percent) that more women will become entrepreneurs in 2013 than in past years. WBOs also plan to invest more (38 percent) or the same (54 percent) in hiring this year than they did in 2012 – a positive sign for the economy. 

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The Time to Buy a Franchise is Now

Three Good Reasons Why the Time to Buy a Franchise is Now

- from guest blogger, Roxanne Rapske, the Franchise Genie
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Join us at the Simmons Leadership Conference!

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 2nd for the Simmons Leadership Conference in Boston!

Building on its decades-long standing as the premier professional event for women, the Simmons Leadership Conference again presents a phenomenal program guaranteed to inform, empower, and energize participants. Women of Influence is a fitting theme for the 2013 event, featuring exceptional speakers who have not only shaped their own professional destinies but also, through their example, inspired others to strive for greatness. The full-day agenda offers a variety of skill-building workshops, topical panel discussions, a corporate marketplace, and the chance to network with more than 3,000 women at all stages of their careers. Attendees also have special opportunities to interact with the speakers during question-and-answer sessions as well as book-signing breaks. An extraordinary experience awaits.

All proceeds support scholarships to students in graduate programs at Simmons College. Don't miss the opportunity to join inspiring women for a day of skill-building, networking and knowledge exchange!

Register for the conference here!

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5 Steps for Showing Up as a Leader

Being a leader of anything requires the cultivation of many qualities: awareness, strength, compassion, presence, the ability to hold space for others, foresight, and plenty of energy, just to name a few. And let’s face it, no matter how much you may love being a leader, there are days when I’m betting you just don’t feel like being and cultivating all of that! Whether you are a born leader or not, it takes a lot of energy and continued effort to be able to remain a solid, understanding, and effective leader. So what about the days when you simply can’t bear to keep going?

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Home Office Tax Deduction

Helping Small Business Owners and Home-Based Employees Claim the Home Office Tax Deduction
In a joint effort between Chic CEO and the SBA - we are happy to help bring you information on legislation that you need to know about as a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur. Note: This post is jointly authored by Treasury Deputy Secretary Neal S. Wolin and SBA Administrator Karen G. Mills. It was originally posted on Treasury's blog.


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