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17 Mar 2014 Written by khale In

Think Big Before You Negotiate


As a former practicing attorney, I spent a lot of time learning about the art of negotiation. The lessons on successful negotiation were wide ranging. From the more familiar, "know your audience" and "understand what you bring to the table" to the less conventional, "keep your arms folded” and "do not wear bright colors.” Apparently hot pink does not go over well in negotiations.



There was one recommendation for effective negotiation that was given in every seminar I attended or book that I read: "identify what you want before you begin negotiating."

This advice is sound. If you go to the car dealer unsure whether you want a used Honda Civic or a brand new Honda Accord, you are more likely to be cajoled into the newer and more expensive option, regardless of whether it was what you wanted or needed. Identifying what you want from a negotiation at the start of the process can help to avoid disappointment – or worse - with the outcome.

Yet, I never was instructed on how to identify what it was that I wanted. In rare cases, the outcome may be obvious and non-negotiable, but in most cases the outcomes are much more wide ranging than you imagine. When you approach possible outcomes with too limited a mindset, you put ourself at a disadvantage from the get-go.


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