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20 Nov 2014 Written by ChicCEO In

Creating Your 2015 Strategy

Last week I asked you to write me a note telling me what you need in order to make next year a better year for your business. 

Dang ladies!! You got specific!!

(If you didn't email me, feel free to still send over a note telling me what could help you blow it out of the water next year.)

07 Oct 2014 Written by ChicCEO In

How To Create Traction So Customers Come To You

Hate sales? Yeah, most of us do...
What if I told you that by incorporating a few key tactics into your everyday to-do list, you could create massive traction and a lot of momentum in your business - traction that bring customers (the RIGHT customers) straight to you?
Building momentum and traction in your business can bring not only customers - but press, investors, and talent.
02 Nov 2017 Written by ChicCEO In

Top 5 Books You Should Read Right Now

Leaders are readers, amirite?!? I love love love to read. I fantasize about taking a cruise by myself - talking to no one and reading alllllll the books. #sigh #someday. 

In the meantime - if you are looking for a great book to help you grow personally or for your business - these are my top 5 books that I highly recommend. 


1. Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. 

04 Oct 2016 Written by ChicCEO In

Why Passion Is NOT The Way

It’s time we all take a good hard look at PASSION and why it’s ridiculous. 


Raise your hand if you’ve been asked this: 

     What are you passionate about? 

     Have you found your passion? 

     Wanna pay me money to help you uncover your passion? 


Hold up - let’s stop this madness for a minute. 

15 Sep 2016 Written by ChicCEO In

The Difference That Makes The Difference

"The difference that makes the difference.”

Gregory Bateson, an English anthropologist is credited with this phrase. He was talking about information and how it can affect things. What information can we know that will completely change the situation/experiment/culture?


06 Sep 2016 Written by ChicCEO In

Email Is Not Your Master

A few years ago I was asked to speak on a panel of female entrepreneurs to discuss our journey into the world of business ownership. At the same time, I had committed to what I called “The Year of No.” 

As you guessed, the Year of No was about saying no to all of the ridiculous things that I had being saying yes to. Things that were sucking my time and attention or generally just made me grumpy: coffee dates, pick your brain dates, actual dates, no fun friends, networking events, listening to voicemails, and yes, EMAIL. 

23 Aug 2016 Written by ChicCEO In

To Do or To Find Out?

Do you find that your to do list just turns into a bunch of questions? 
When I would start getting overwhelmed with work, in a fury I would do a huge brain dump on a legal pad. All of the things that I just had to get done in an effort to get it out of my head and organized. What ended up happening more often than not was that my to-do list would have more questions on it than to-dos. 
To-dos are actions, not questions. 
16 Aug 2016 Written by ChicCEO In

Pokemon Go Is Your Competitor

Right now, I’m in Bentonville, AR visiting my mom and taking in the GORGEOUS scenery. Wow, it’s pretty here. Walking along one of the amazing trails over the weekend, I saw some deer, a beautiful stream and a lot of people with their heads in their phones playing Pokemon Go.
NATURE can’t even compete with this new game. 
07 Jun 2016 Written by ChicCEO In

Getting Press Mastermind

Over the weekend, Inc. Magazine named Chic CEO in their list of 25 Companies Determined to Help Women Succeed. Yesterday, I got an email asking if I’d like to chat about potentially being interviewed on Kathy Ireland’s Worldwide Business television show airing to 250 million households. A couple months ago, we were named in the top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs by Forbes. 

25 Nov 2015 Written by ChicCEO In

5 Free Resources I'm Thankful For

It's the holidays!! Most people roll their eyes when we get to this time of the year (and find out I've been listening to Christmas music since July) but I love it. It's pure magic for me - people are friendlier, everything is sparklier, and... family. ;) 

Since we are heading in to Thanksgiving - I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite free resources for your business. Tis the season for sharing! 

19 Aug 2015 Written by ChicCEO In

Advice from a Billionaire

A few years ago I was very close with someone whose father was a billionaire. He owned a healthcare company and then started investing and buying other healthcare companies. He was completely self-made, put in the work and was really, really successful. 
I admired him so much, and the time I got to spend with him was always filled with learning moments for me.  
12 Aug 2015 Written by ChicCEO In

Chic CEO Was Sued

In May of 2014, Chic CEO was sued by 3 men. Watch the video below. 

Take Action: 

1)  "No One Told Me, Until Someone Told Me - 13 Lessons I Didn't Learn Getting My MBA."

09 Aug 2015 Written by ChicCEO In

Three Books You Need To Read

I get asked a lot what books I'm reading or what books I recommend for entrepreneurs. I love to read, so I've always got my nose in a book. Even on my podcast The Top 3 for Entrepreneurs, I ask my guests what books they are reading so that I can add to my list. 

06 Aug 2015 Written by ChicCEO In

Women Rising: An Infographic

Check out this amazing infographic by All Business Schools:


12 May 2015 Written by ChicCEO In

Top Tips to Reduce Your Company’s Staff Turnover Rate

Whether you run a large company, work as a solopreneur, or have a business that sits somewhere in between, you’ll likely always be on the lookout for ways to save money in the workplace. From buying in bulk to reducing tax costs or finding the best loan options, there are plenty of financial tips for businesses that you can make use of.

12 May 2015 Written by ChicCEO In

Why It’s Good for Your Business to Do Good

As an entrepreneur or senior manager, you no doubt spend countless hours every month analyzing financial results and forecasts, and planning ways to increase sales or cut costs. While this is a needed and important part of business, there are also many good reasons to set up ways for your company to give back too.

06 May 2015 Written by ChicCEO In

Cut Costs by Keeping Your Workplace Safe

Workplace safety practices help keep overhead low, because safety training measures are typically  much cheaper than medical care and workers’ compensation benefits for injured workers. Not to mention, a history of workplace accidents could make good employees wary to work for you, and even put you on the wrong side of OSHA regulations.
10 Mar 2015 Written by ChicCEO In

Week 8 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

Done and Done! Ruby on the Beach is officially over and I’ve officially created: 


- a dice game that uses two players 

- an app that randomly chooses an image in response to a question you type in

- an app that allows meeting planners to create lunch orders

- an app that tracks your daily actions towards a goal

- a bot that searches hashtags in Twitter and then follows/tweets them back

- a bot that searches hashtags in Instagram that likes photos



03 Mar 2015 Written by ChicCEO In

Week 7 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

Week 7 was a really fun week, but we are all exhausted!!
We all worked on our own personal projects this week. The instructors were available to help us as we navigated through our own ideas rather than assignments - a definite push in momentum and our brains were stretched. 
In addition to our personal projects, we were tasked (if we wanted to tackle it) creating a Twitter bot that used Twitter’s API to look up certain hashtags in order to follow, or message people who used it. There are so many things you can do with their API that allow you to speak to their platform and users. We also did the same for Instagram. 
I really cannot believe that on day 1, I had zero knowledge of coding in any sense of the word - and now I’m able to build a little bot that can talk to Twitter. How did that happen?!? 


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