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03 Jan 2014 Written by Sukpreet In

How Studying Abroad Made Me Richer

As a consumer based, capitalistic society, we, Americans are in love with success and all of the things that lead us up to it: religiously checking off to-do lists, staying laser focused, keeping our eyes on our goals, and averted from the rest of the world and all its distractions. Studying abroad for five months was the best thing that happened to me before I got trapped into America's web of 9-5's, home to work, work to home lifestyle. I have always been proud of my insane ability to focus on projects whether they are school related or extracurricular.

09 Sep 2013 Written by Sukpreet In

Why Every College Student Should Intern

Thought Leader Blog Post

Repeatedly as college students, we are informed by our career counselors, parents, and professors to seek internships, to devote time to a most of the time, unpaid job, when in all honesty, we would rather be at the beach, hanging out in the sun, and avoiding every type of mental strain possible.


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