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10 Feb 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching In

Dance Your Way To Success!

I had an amazing time hosting the money makeover event in Marina Del Rey yesterday! We were in the perfect setting for clearing out success blocks and creating abundance – with the ocean breeze blowing in and the fireplace burning! It was awesome to see and witness the break throughs that were had :) I truly love this work and am so grateful to be able to facilitate it :)
I’m reminded of how easy things can happen when you feel good. I love hearing a great song on the radio. The one by Robin Thicke – who would have thought? – really gets me groovin’. My new thing is to have a little dance party before starting work. Great for getting you in the zone for creating amazing things!!
Read on to learn how you can literally dance your way to success!
I remember thinking while I was dancing not too long ago, that I really need to do it more often. You know what I mean, right ladies? I had been too serious lately and really needed a dose of fun back into my life. It was super liberating knowing no one could see me and I could pull out any move I wanted!
03 Feb 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching In

3 Mistakes Business Owners Make

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Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time focusing on various strategies, thinking this next “one” will be it. By just doing ______, they will fix all of their problems. This is the farthest thing from the truth. It’s not about adding in one more strategy, it’s about shifting what’s going on in the inside. When you show-up confidently and acting like the expert you are, everything will shift.

27 Jan 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching In

What Is Your Big Number?

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I’ve enjoyed working with some amazing clients this week who have been manifesting new opportunities at a rapid pace! What I have found that is imperative in working with them, is the need to know their big number. Without this, it’s hard to have any direction, let alone a plan for getting there. This causes frustration, anger and overwhelm.

27 Jan 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching In

6 Steps to Believing in Your Worth!

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Tip #1:

Confidence isn’t something that you acquire. You can step into it instantly. Decide what confidence means to you, and actually step forward into it. While standing in that place, embody all of the feelings involved when you are confident and at your best. From there it’s about owning it, and feeling it every single day. Make the decision to do it now.
Tip #2: Know that we are all equal. No one person is better than the other regardless of his or her experience, skill set or mindset. We all come from the same place and are connected. Be yourself and speak-up. The world is waiting to hear you! We are all fabulous and have unique gifts to share with the world. Let is shine!!
09 Jan 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching In

STOP Giving Away The Farm!

I’ve learned that as women we love to give. We want to help people and this comes naturally to a lot of us. Let’s face it; it’s a lot harder than receiving. As entrepreneurs and business owners, this shows up with potential customers and clients. We tend to want to over-serve, and do whatever is necessary to provide guidance and assistance, regardless of how much time it takes us. This shows up in the form of not having a contract signed, letting someone continue when they can’t make a payment and even having lengthy sales conversations.
03 Jan 2014 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching In

How to Create Powerful Momentum by Giving Thanks

I’ve been a big believer in having a regular practice of gratitude for awhile now, but it’s even more in the forefront of my mind these days. So far, 2013 has been a wonderful year that has allowed me to step into new opportunities. This week I’m feeling thankful for the opportunity to serve as an expert at David Neagle’s Break Through Live Experience.
I’m also really thankful for the life I’ve created with my husband. Sure, we have ups and downs like anyone else, but we are truly fortunate. We are in good health, have amazing children and have been able to make some pretty big dreams come true! I’m thankful for the evolution of my business too, which would not be possible without you! Thank you for allowing me into your life as a teacher and enabling me to learn from you too. I am blessed to be able to work with such amazing people! I am sending you huge heartfelt thanks :)
This week I share a few tips on how being grateful can actually benefit your bottom line. Read on to learn how.
20 Dec 2013 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching In

Intuition Leads to Results

Chris Atley IntuitionThought Leader Blog Post

I had a wonderful weekend sponsoring my mentor’s (David Neagle) event.  To the right is a picture of us :) I really enjoyed connecting with other like-minded business owners. The amazing part to me was the quality of the conversations. Many people were experiencing big breakthru’s around what had been keeping them stuck. I love it!

What I walked away with was just how important it is to follow our intuition in business. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! Read on to learn the difference between fear and intuition and how to move forward down the path of least resistance.

Most people don’t realize how important their intuition is to the growth of their business.

The definition of intuition in Wikipedia is the ability to acquire knowledge without inference and/or the use of reason.

13 Dec 2013 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching In

Sales Strategies From the Heart

Thought Leader Blog Post

You know, the term "sales" has such a negative connotation to it sometimes. It's such a shame, because without "sales" you have no business! It's really all in how you handle your sales process - are you coming from a place of being in service to your prospects? 

This week, in both the radio interview and my article, I address this subject. I invite you to take some time over the weekend to read and listen to the radio show and check in with yourself about your gut reaction to the term "sales" and what it means to you. How might that initial reaction be affecting your bottom line? What can you do to shift the energy around "sales" in your business to work FOR you, not AGAINST you?
There are a lot of misconceptions around sales because, unfortunately, some sales people have approached it the wrong way. Instead of asking questions and finding out what people want or need, they tell people what they need instead. This is a turnoff, right? Nobody wants to be told what they need or what to do for that matter. When people approach sales this way, it is a total turnoff and gives the process a bad rep.
10 Dec 2013 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching In

4 Tips for Being Authentic in Your Business

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Last week/weekend I went to a business-building event where I met some wonderful people and was surrounded by business owners who had reached enormous levels of success in their businesses. Here is a picture of me during a photo shoot! It was such fun :)

I learned a lot from the various speakers and made some great connections, but there was something that was nagging at me the entire time I was there. By the end of the weekend, I finally figured it out!
03 Dec 2013 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching In

6 Strategies for Attracting More Clients

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Chris Atley April PhotoI had the honour of speaking at Scripps College on entrepreneurship earlier this week! I love how more and more college students are thinking about heading in this direction. One gal is even starting her own entrepreneurial club. How exciting! I couldn’t help but think how far ahead these students will be after learning the info. I shared. It’s really not information being taught in school, and I was happy to teach it :)

In the article today I share how you to can grow your business in an authentic and meaningful way.

#1: Get clear on what you do for people. I’ve talked a little bit about “WIIFM” (What’s in it for me?). Make sure you know what results people get as a result of working with you. Get clear on the befits you offer. Make sure this is sprinkled throughout your marketing materials and also in the way you speak about what you do. People want to buy based on the solution you can solve for them. Think about past clients you’ve helped or even what your expertise is.

27 Nov 2013 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching In

Address Your Money Beliefs in Order to Soar!

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It’s interesting to me how many people have negative beliefs about money. This comes up repeatedly when I out chatting with different people. I truly believe we can be, do and have anything in life with the right tools. One of these tools is clearing out negative beliefs and therefore having a perspective change. If you stay stuck in old beliefs that are no longer serving you, it will be hard to grow and achieve new levels of success.

16 Nov 2013 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching In

Do You Suffer from Sleep Sabotage?

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Have you ever noticed how getting a good night sleep has such a HUGE impact on literally everything you do? How you interact with your kids, neighbors, business contacts? I’ve really been paying attention lately to just how important this is. It literally makes all of the difference from having a throw-in-the-towel type of a day v. a rainbow and butterflies type of experience. What I mean by that is when you’re tired, it’s easier to slip into self-doubt and negative thinking. This does not lead to making good decisions. In fact, it leads to such a downward spiral that you might feel like giving-up on your business. Am I right?

When you get a good night sleep on the other hand, you are flying high and can see the positive in everything. Your world is filled with rainbows and butterflies. You know your success is certain and you’re so excited to get your message out there. Your ideas and decisions are different when you’re in this place. You are acting like the businesswoman/man you want to be. You are at your best.
08 Jul 2013 Written by TotalHarmonyCoaching In

Dance Your Way to Success!

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This week I’m reminded of how easy things can happen when you feel good. It all started with hearing my new favourite song on the radio. The one by Robin Thicke – who would have thought?! Anyway, after having a complete rock out in the car while dropping the kids off at camp, I was having so much fun that I decided to continue the party when I got home and did a little dancing! Who knew one could have so much fun while warming up their coffee? I remember thinking while I was dancing that I really need to do that more often. You know what I mean, right ladies?


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