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23 Oct 2017 Written by BrooklynFaulkner In

Understanding Financing Options for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you contemplating starting your own business, or did you recently get one off the ground? If so, have you tried pitching your business idea to investors? When is it best to take out a loan, and when does it make sense to apply for a grant or start a crowdsourcing campaign via social media? When it comes to keeping a steady flow of cash going year-round, what are your go-to strategies?

08 Oct 2017 Written by BrooklynFaulkner In

Why Working With Other Women Can Help Your Career

There has been a number of articles bombarding the blogosphere about women being bullies to other women in the workplace. However, some business owners are discovering that women working together with other women is a recipe for a successful business. We should be moving away from trying to compete with another woman for the one available position at their company and instead, trying to support them towards achieving their goal.

14 Aug 2017 Written by BrooklynFaulkner In

Girls Just Wanna Work for Themselves

There’s an interesting phenomenon happening among working women.

Women of all backgrounds and ages are tired of showing up to work and being a “cog in the machine.” They’re tired of being overlooked by their fellow colleagues or being ignored in meetings. They’re tired of “leaning in” when no one will lean out to listen to them.

So what are these working women doing to solve the problem? Apparently, they’re turning into CEOs of their own companies.


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