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What is a Mastermind?
The concept of mastermind was developed by Napolean Hill, the famous author of Think and Grow Rich. Mr. Hill would call a mastermind in his head of some of the best thinkers in the world to work through his problems. People like George Washington, Thomas Edison, Abe Lincoln, and others. He used their collective intelligence to help him overcome his challenges.


What’s the Chic CEO Mastermind?

Using the collective intelligence of others to supercharge your business to a place you never thought possible. This completely virtual Mastermind will become your go-to group for feedback, inspiration, commiseration and support. You'll learn together, share with each other and finally have the community you've been looking for.

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It's not easy to build and grow a business on your own. We frankly don't think you need to be on your own. The Chic CEO Mastermind gives you the opportunity to build your business while being a part of a super strong and tight-knit community of stellar women. These women, like you, have big goals for their businesses and together we can all achieve what we've set out to accomplish.





We've built the exact program that we'd want to be a part of and then added more!