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Top 3 Podcast for Entrepreneurs with Stephanie BurnsAs the founder of Chic CEO, we have over a hundred thousand entrepreneurs in our network and I’ve talked to a lot of successful business owners throughout this journey. When I get the chance to talk to someone phenomenal, I always try to ask them to relay their Top 3 tips to me. Whether they are in finance, tech, marketing, etc., I ask what Top 3 things they would impart on me if I were to follow in their footsteps. 


You are going to hear interviews with people like Pat Flynn, the founder of Smart Passive Income, tell us his top 3 tips to creating passive income, Amanda Steinberg, the founder of DailyWorth tell us her top 3 money tips for female entrepreneurs. Dave Asprey, founder of BulletProof Exec talk about his top 3 bio hacks for entrepreneurs and of course, podcasting phenom, John Lee Dumas, founder of EntrepreneurOnFire on his Top 3 Tips for starting a podcast. 


This podcast is my way of extracting those best nuggets from highly successful people so you can take them with you and implement them into your own life and business. You can expect a new podcast to be released each Wednesday morning and I hope you enjoy the show! 

xoxo, Stephanie


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Ep 00: Introduction to the Top 3 Podcast
12-1-14 Ep 01: John Lee Dumas, founder of Entrepreneur on Fire - Top 3 Ways to Start a Podcast
12-2-14 Ep 02: Amanda Steinberg, founder of DailyWorth - Top 3 Money Tips for Female Entrepreneurs
12-3-14 Ep 03: Pat Flynn, founder of Smart Passive Income - Top 3 Ways To Create Passive Income
12-4-14 Ep 04: Dave Asprey, founder of The Bulletproof Executive - Top 3 Bio Hacks for Entrepreneurs
12-5-14 Ep 05: Sally Hogshead, founder of How To Fascinate - Top 3 Ways to Fascinate
12-6-14 Ep 06: Maneesh Sethi, founder of Pavlok - Top 3 Ways to Change Behavior and Form Habits
12-7-14 Ep 07: Marley Majcher, founder of Profit Goddess - Top 3 Tips If You Aren't Making Any Money
12-8-14 Ep 08: Rick Mulready, founder of - Top 3 Tips for Running Facebook Ads
12-9-14 Ep 09: Dawn Fotopulos, founder of Best Small Biz Help - Top 3 Tips for a Business Turnaround
12-10-14 Ep 10: Daryl Urbanski, founder of - Top 3 Ways to Create a Marketing Funnel
12-11-14 Ep 11: Erin Gargan, founder of Socal Socialite - Top 3 Tips for Marketing Events using Social Media
12-12-14 Ep 12: Chance Barnett, founder of Crowdfunder - Top 3 Tips for Equity Crowdfunding
12-13-14 Ep 13: Farnoosh Torabi,  author and 'Today Show' correspondent - Top 3 Tips for Female Entrepreneurs Who Make More
12-14-14 Ep 14: Rick Barrera, founder of Max Rev - Top 3 Tips for Maximizing Sales
12-17-14 Ep 15: Denise Brosseau, founder of Thought Leadership Lab - Top 3 Tips for Becoming A Thought Leader
12-24-14 Ep 16: Brandon Hawk, founder of YOU Training - Top 3 Tips for Putting Yourself First
12-31-14 Ep 17: James Altucher, author of Choose Yourself - Top 3 Tips for Choosing Yourself
1-7-15 Ep 18: Peter Shankman, founder of HARO - Top 3 Tips for Creating Magical Customer Moments
1-14-15 Ep 19: Sharon Lechter, Rich Dad/Napoleon Hill Foundation - Top 3 Tips for Women Entrepreneurs To Use Their Power
1-21-15 Ep 20: Jonah Berger, author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On - Top 3 Tips for Going Viral
1-28-15 Ep 21: April Perry, co-director Power of Moms - Top 3 Tips for Running Your Business While Putting Your Family First
2-4-15 Ep 22: Sabeen Ali, co-founder AngelHack - Top 3 Tips For Women Going Into Tech
2-11-15 Ep 23: Shawn McDonald, founder of Feedback-Golf - Top 3 Tips For Going From Corporate To Entrepreneur
2-18-15 Ep 24: Mary Beth Storjohann - Top 3 Money Tips for Gen Y's
2-25-15 Ep 25: Marci Lock, founder of - Top 3 Ways Your Body Affects Your Business
3-4-15 Ep 26: Heather Marie, founder of Shoppable - Top 3 Ways to Get Started in Fashion Tech
3-11-15 Ep 27: Denise Lee Yohn, author What Great Brand Do - Top 3 Tips for Defining Your Brand
3-18-15 Ep 28: Caleb Wojcik, founder DIY Video Guy - Top 3 Tips For Creating a Kick Ass Video
3-25-15 Ep 29: Eli Davidson, founder of - Top 3 Tips for Finding The Million Dollar Problem
4-1-15 Ep 30: Kelsey Ramsden, founder of - Top 3 Tips for Starting a Barefoot Boardroom Business
4-8-15 Ep 31: Amy Clover, founder of Strong Inside Out - Top 3 Tips for Creating A Movement
4-15-15 Ep 32: Clint Arthur, founder of Guaranteed Celebrity - Top 3 Tips for Creating Celebrity with Local TV
4-22-15 Ep 33: Mary Marshall, founder of Marshall Advisors - Top 3 Organizational Tips for Entrepreneurs
4-29-15 Ep 34: Lorraine Dahlringer, founder of - Top 3 Tips for Creating A Subscription Box


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