Time To Close The Doors?

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Did that statement make your guts wrench? 
Whenever I hear someone tell me that they have to shut down their business, my stomach lurches and a lump surfaces in my throat. If they are standing in front of me, whether they like it or not, I hug them. 
It hurts.
All of that hard work, passion, money and time - to shut down? 
There's nothing worse than pouring your heart and soul into your business, working the numbers, making a million calls, sending thousands of emails, attending a ton of seminars and not making any headway. Exhausted, broke and heartbroken - you contemplate packing it up and going back to the 9-5. 
Being an entrepreneur isn't for the faint of heart, you know that. I know that. The world knows that. You started on this path, because you wanted to make an impact, change lives, live out your passion and make some damn money already. 
Are you there yet? 
I've been in your shoes. Gaining traction is like throwing spaghetti against the wall. You try it all and tend to burn through cash figuring out what's going to work. 
Grrr… frustrating.  
If you are simply over beating your head against the wall and are ready for an easier way - welcome to the Chic Elite Program! (Tada!! Music plays, confetti flies, there might be a parade?)
The Chic Elite Program is a monthly training series full of action packed information that you can put into practice today. (Aka: stop throwing spaghetti, hot stuff - you're making a mess) 
It's time to put into practice what ACTUALLY WORKS. Do you look at others in your space and wonder how the hell they are getting it done? How are they getting that press? How are they building their list? How are they taking that vacation? How did they leave their corporate job to do this full time? 
I'll show you. 
Every month, you'll receive an in-depth training that will teach you the things you need to know and things you didn't even know you needed to know. If you've ever been on a webinar with me, I'm sure you've noticed that I don't do fluff. My brain simply can't do it - my english professors hated my papers because I can't help but just getting down to business. What's the point? What do I need to know? What's the next step? 
So as annoying as it was to them at the time, getting to the point and giving you the actionable information serves me well today. You don't have time for fluff, you need to get back to your business - so all of the trainings are succinct, straight to the point and full of action.
The first training you'll go through is our Top 10 Best Bootscrapping Tips. 
Bootscrapping is what we call it when you get scrappy while bootstrapping. We all have to get a little scrappy in the beginning right? I've outlined the top 10 things we've done in Chic CEO to help us get from 0 to 50,000 subscribers with no marketing budget. I share the tips I used to get Chic CEO featured in the Wall Street Journal, Amex Open, Forbes and others within the first 3 months of Chic CEO's launch. When you launch your business, you really don't have a lot to talk about, so why would the Wall Street Journal want to include you in their publication? 
Well, they did and I'll show you exactly how I did it. How awesome would it be for you to put "as seen in (insert amazing media outlet here)" on your homepage right now?
I'm also going to show you how to hold an event that brings in thousands of dollars and won't cost you a penny. If you hold just ONE of these events, you'll pay for the entire Chic Elite program for a year. And it only takes a few hours of your time. We hold one of these events every month and it's very little work. Again, hold just one of these and it'll pay for the Chic Elite program for a year. Hold them every month if you like and take me out for margaritas!
Each month's training will build on the last, so that you are able to gain momentum as we go. We'll dive deep into list building, automating your marketing, scaling, events and more. 
One of the reasons I started Chic CEO was because I was so frustrated that I couldn't find out HOW to do what I needed to do in order to grow a business. In the Chic Elite Program, you'll find videos and worksheets for you to follow so it's super easy. We'll be digging into the topics we discussed today as well as others so that you are super focused and ready to rock. This program is all about taking action so you can see results.
Imagine how much lower your stress level would be if you were bringing in a little more money. Even enough to just pay an intern to help you with admin work. To an entrepreneur, that can sound just as amazing as a week at a spa!!
I'll show you.
You'll also get an account to our email marketing software, Chic Works. Chic Works will automate your marketing, send out your email newsletters, and will become your most powerful ally in business. We use it to run Chic CEO and I'll be showing you how to use it for the back-end in your business, how to use it to hold your events, and how to use it to build your list. You get this software for free if you join the program. 
So how does it work? 
Well, every month, you'll have a new training opened up to you. It's going to be action packed full of the tips, tools and strategies you can insert into your business that day. Again, no fluff, only action. 
All of your trainings will be in one spot so you can access them at any time. Your bonus content will be open to you on day 1 and we'll be adding more as the program progresses.
What will happen if you join this program? 
Well first of all, you'll build your list. This is so important, you have to have an audience to market to. I'm going to show you how to do that. I'm going to show you how to build a web form, create auto responders, drip campaigns, and more in order to build your list. Having a large audience or ready-made customers is a dream come true - I'll show you how to create one. 
We'll automate your marketing - you have to use systems to provide value to your audience without doing it all manually. This is something you need to set up if you are going to grow your business. Period.
I'll show you my best negotiating tips - when I was a media buyer, I negotiated over a million dollars of media but negotiated another million dollars in added value media, essentially doubling my client's budget. I'm a pro at this and you will be too. 
When you join the Chic Elite Program, you'll finally be taking action, you'll drive more people to your website and you'll be collaborating with others. You're going to love it. 
This is my favorite part! Because we are launching this new program and the new Chic CEO website we have some amazing bonuses that are only available for the next 2 days and only if you sign up for the Chic Elite program. 
• 4 Weeks of Group Coaching
The first bonus is 4 weeks of group coaching - this is an exclusive bonus that is only available through this launch. Every week in June, you'll be on a private call as we tackle some of the toughest challenges entrepreneurs face and how the pros handle it. You'll be able to ask questions and jam with the group. If you can't attend, no worries, it will be recorded for you and you can send questions in ahead of time. This is a value of $997.
• Full Access to our Partnership Course
The partnership course is $397 and teaches you how to start a business with a partner, or bring a partner on. This is a great course in the event you need to bring on a co-founder and you're unsure of how to map that out. The course will result in a full vesting table and operating agreement so you and your partner are safe and savvy in your business.
• Spotlight on the Chic CEO Blog
We'll give your business a spotlight on the Chic CEO blog - we get a 100k+ unique visitors to our website every month, so this is a significant bonus. We'll be profiling your business on our blog and our entire community will learn about you and what you have to offer. $1,200 value
• Lifetime Access to the Download Center
You'll have lifetime access to our download center. Things like business plan templates, marketing plan templates, expense sheets, and more. $49 value.
So let's recap. In the Chic Elite Program, you'll get:
- Monthly trainings - You'll get templates, scripts, outlines, etc so you can follow it step by step.
- A Chic Works account to help you run the back end of your business, automate your marketing and set up your email marketing campaigns. 
- A private portal with a forum for you to ask questions, get advice and connect with other Chic Eliters and grow your network. 
- Bonus Content including the partnership program, 4 weeks of group coaching, a spotlight on the Chic CEO blog, and lifetime access to the Download Center - for a total value of over $2600. (Only available until 5/16/14)
- You can cancel at any time if you aren't getting the value you need from the program, no questions asked and
- it's only $49 a month!
These trainings are so valuable - I'm revealing my best stuff and I'm going to be bringing in some amazing people to bring you guest trainings along the way. I'm really proud of this program and the feedback that I'm getting already has been amazing.
"I loved the first training!  I found it very well organized and full of information that I could put to use immediately.  I feel like I have a great start for my new business already!" - Mackenzie Molinari"
You would pay thousands for this kind of information from coaches, conferences, seminars, etc., but the Chic Elite Program is only $49 a month. If you aren't finding the value you need, cancel anytime, keep your bonuses - no questions asked. 
Again, I'll be showing you how to hold an event that will pay for this membership for a year. So you have nothing to lose.
"Stephanie and Chic CEO staff, you are my heroes. This is an amazing training and every business owner should spend the time listening in. Great tips on direction, clarity and growth pattern of a new business. Only the best from you. I am never disappointed with trainings, blogs and emails you send my way. Chic CEO is a must." - Zlata Sushchik, Founder, SexyFit
Even if you simply get the bonuses and the first training, I can promise you - you'll get way more value than you've paid. But the bonuses are GONE on Friday. Gone, gone, sister - no exceptions. 
At Chic CEO, we believe in action - so that's what we'll be giving you. I hope you invest in yourself and join us in the Chic Elite Program. I know it will change your business. 
Stop throwing spaghetti - let's do this together.
Head over to chicceoelite.com to learn more or follow this link and join the program today - get the first training, collect your bonuses and grow your business. Remember, if you aren't finding the value you need, you can cancel at any time. 
You're amazing,


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