Setting Up Your Home Office

How To Set Up Your Home Office

Setting up your home office can actually be pretty fun and a great way to express yourself and form the beginnings of your company culture. Depending what kind of business you’re in, you’ll need some different things, but across the board you’ll most likely need a desk and chair, computer, phone, printer, maybe a scanner and/or fax. Wherever you decide to set up, note that you can write off a portion of your rent or mortgage come tax time. The bigger the space the more you can claim (measured in square footage). Note - this space must be used for work purposes only.

If you have an extra bedroom or a den already, great! If not, you may have to get creative. Can you turn an unlikely area of your home into your office? The garage? The attic? A hall closet? Landing of the staircase? Do try and find a place that has the potential for the least distractions.

If you don’t have a door you can shut, create a barrier for your office, something that signals “I’m at work”, such as a decorative screen, a curtain, shade, etc. Use this to cover up a messy desk or workspace if company comes over too.

Finding a desk should be easy, if all else fails, get a card table, throw a beautiful tablecloth over it and voila - you’re in business. Flea markets, garage sales, IKEA, etc. all have tables you can buy inexpensively and cover. You’re desk doesn’t have to break the bank, or even be a desk. Try to avoid turning the couch into your work station as it may seem comfy at first but can lead to back aches later...literally.

If possible, paint your space. A nice vibrant color, or maybe the color of your logo. It’s your space, your business. Hang some inspiring artwork, or your business license. Make the space look and feel like it would if you rented out office space for yourself… minus the gray cubicles!

Get some plants. Even if it’s just a small succulent on the corner of your desk, plants are calming, inviting and inspiring. They make your space feel connected to nature and help you focus.

That's it - get to work, sister!

PS - We'd love to see how you work from home. Post a picture of your hom office on our Facebook page.


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