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Sage congratulates the women who are making moves in business by believing in their numbers.

Last year, American women started over 1,200 new businesses every day. As a provider of cloud and mobile solutions, Sage wants to help these businesses flourish. Here are a few examples of how women are making moves in business:

-1,277 new Women-Owned Businesses are started every day

- Women-Owned Businesses have created over $1.4 trillion in revenue

- Women-Owned Businesses have created 274,000 new jobs since 2007

- Nearly 9.1M Women-Owned Businesses in the US

- Nearly 7.9M people employed by Women-Owned Businesses

- 32% of Women-Owned Businesses are owned by women of color









When you take the pledge to grow your small business in 2015, we’ll do our part to help. Just by taking the pledge to show that you believe in your business, you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win a $5,000 Google AdWords account.

Visit BelieveInYourNumbers.com today and see what happens when you believe in your numbers. It could mean a chance to win over $50K in Prizes! Or, enter for a chance to win weekly prizes and the grand prize of over $19K in business-boosting support.


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