Bootcamp in Bali

31 Dec 2014

Bootcamp in Bali

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I’m Going to BootCamp, In Bali.


A few months ago, I was attending a panel discussion that my dear friend, Leslie Fishlock, founder of Geek Girl, was speaking on. It was a panel of women, sponsored by the Athena Foundation and Sony, talking about how important it was to get girls involved in coding and tech. Leslie’s company, Geek Girl, has been holding tech conferences all over the US with the singular intent of helping women 8 to 88 get access to the information they need to get started learning anything from Ruby on Rails to Excel. She’s been leading the charge for some time and Geek Girl is a strategic partner of Chic CEO. 


As I was listening to the panel discuss the future of women in tech, one of the panelists said something so profound that I doubt it will ever leave me. It struck me like lightning. 


She said that she believed knowing how to understand a computer coding language will be akin to understanding any other language. French, English, Spanish, Computer. 


It reminded me of how Steve Jobs was labeled crazy when he told us that everyone would have their own personal computer in the future. Or when society didn’t think women needed to vote, or that the lower class didn’t really need to learn how to read. All of these things sound so ridiculous now, and I think when we look back on today - 25 years from now - we’ll think the same thing. 


I have enough coding knowledge to break my website and make my dev guy curse my name, and that’s where it ends. I’ve always wanted to learn and when I attended that panel, I knew it was time. 


I had heard about coding bootcamps that take 9-12 weeks to teach you a coding language. They are intense: Monday through Friday, 9-5pm, but when you are finished, you are CERTIFIED. So I really started looking into a program more seriously. 


Then I came across a new program that teaches you Ruby on Rails, in 9 weeks, in BALI. 




I leave tonight. 


My new husband and I (I got married last week, yay!) leave tonight to head to Bali where I will be participating in the Ruby on the Beach Program. 9 weeks learning a new language in a beautiful place and I am going to be taking you with me! Every week I’ll be reporting my progress here on the Chic CEO blog so that you can learn with me and if you have also been curious about learning to code, you’ll get a full access view of my experience. They also take care of your villa for the duration of the program and airfare. 



"Running a business, working with private clients and learning how to code while trying to have somewhat of a honeymoon… Stephanie, you are crazy.”   - Everyone. 



These were my concerns too when I started going down this path - so I reached out to the program director to find out how rigorous it was and if I could still run my business while being on the other side of the world. 


Daniel Donaldson, the founder of ROTB, picked Bali for that exact reason. “We have a lot of CEOs and startup founders that go through the course with us because it’s such a relaxed environment. The teacher to student ratio is very low so you really learn the material and you don’t have to spend a lot of time outside of the classroom, you are in a very beautiful place so you aren’t stressed out, and nights and weekends are free for you to work if you need to. Not to mention the week off we give you in the middle of the program to go explore the island or simply work if you need to. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs.” 




So tonight, we leave for 2.5 months to learn, explore and expand. I am so excited about this, I can’t wait to immerse myself in another culture, learn a valuable new skill, spend time with my love and open up the possibility that this might be something you’d like to try as well. (It’s Bali!) 


I can’t wait to share my experience with you! If you want to check out Ruby on the Beach in the meantime, here’s their website:


Happy New Year!! 




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