Week 8 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

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Done and Done! Ruby on the Beach is officially over and I’ve officially created: 


- a dice game that uses two players 

- an app that randomly chooses an image in response to a question you type in

- an app that allows meeting planners to create lunch orders

- an app that tracks your daily actions towards a goal

- a bot that searches hashtags in Twitter and then follows/tweets them back

- a bot that searches hashtags in Instagram that likes photos



All of these things in under 8 weeks. I really can’t believe it. Now that I’m a total pro, I will probably go get a job at Google. J/K. But I will be looking for a mentor to help me keep up my skills and get better. 


We had a lovely parting dinner with our whole group and said our goodbyes - it’s funny how close you can get with a group of people in such a short time. I’m really going to miss these characters, it’s been fun learning about different cultures, lifestyles and backgrounds. 


Even so, I’m very happy to be back in San Diego, back to real life and ready to rock. I can’t say enough good things about the Ruby on the Beach program - I am so excited to have had this experience, learn a new skill and see a new place in the world. 


Learning how to code has definitely been one of the hardest things I’ve taken on, but I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to continue in my learning. I am committed to being a programmer and learning as much as I can. 


This has been incredible. If you’d like an intro to the ROTB founder, please let me know - happy to do so ;) 





photo credit: Jennifer Ho


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