Week 3 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

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Week 3 of Ruby On The Beach is officially over! 


WOW. I can’t believe it’s already the end of week 3 and we are headed into Week 4. The class is structured so that we have 4 weeks of Intro and then 4 weeks of Pro with a week off in between. We started working in Rails last week and this upcoming week will have us digging in even deeper so we are ready to start project work in the next section. 


I can’t believe we’ll be working on projects now! 


3 weeks ago, I didn’t know how to open my terminal and now, I spend 8 or so hours a day in there learning how to use it. This rapid learning is pretty fabulous and I wish I would have done this sooner.


Ruby On The Beach Program

The first 2 weeks we worked on the language Ruby - and it was tough. Like any new language - you learn the pieces and the syntax and it can get tough if you don’t quite understand the meanings or how they piece together. Enter “Rails.”


Rails is the framework we are using to build web applications and Ruby is the language. Hence - Ruby on Rails. Admittedly, I am enjoying learning Rails much more, as conceptually I’m able to understand what it’s doing and why. Whew! Thank goodness we are at this point - I’m feeling better about my capabilities and understanding. 


Next week, we’ll be deep diving into what Rails can really do and I’m so excited. Ideas are already flying around my head of what I can do and build. Our instructor said that over the weekend he was going to build a little app for his Instagram account. Just like that. I was so excited and thrilled to think that at some point, that could be me. That I could just decide I wanted something and was able to build it. I really look forward to that. 


This week, Trip, one of our instructors and master yogi, led us in morning yoga - a great way to get the day started - we do this every M,W,F. Then we got to work on an airport project - building the backend of a web app that will check people in, take their information, luggage weight, etc and print them a ticket. It was really difficult, but a lot of fun as we got to work in teams. Dan from Wisconsin was our team lead, Colyn from Australia, and Mona from Bali were my teammates. Amazing learning comes when you get to work with people from different countries. 

As usual we had an amazing weekend trip planned for us as well! Saturday, we hiked up Mt. Batur - a volcano who last erupted 30 years ago. 10 of us got up at 2am to get to the volcano to start hiking at 3am. 2 miles up (they said it was a hike - it was definitely a CLIMB) and we were at the top just in time for the sunrise. It was incredible. One of the most gorgeous views I’ve ever laid eyes on. It was so fun being their with my classmates and Christian. On the way back down we were followed by a stray dog and stopped to see some monkeys. After a few attempts of them trying to steal our back packs, we decided to get on with our hike. 


After breakfast at a stunning cafe overlooking the lake next to the volcano, we drove to the Tirta Empul Temple - Bali’s most sacred and famous temple. It has a series of fresh spring water fountains that you can bathe and cleanse your spirit in. The temple was built 1500 years ago and still standing. We all got on our sarongs, did a small meditation and got into the pools with the locals. People giving offerings to the gods as the koi fish swam around our ankles. It was an amazing experience.


On Sunday, we went white water rafting down the Ayung River with the Ruby On The Beach Crew. A few bumps and bruises, two members getting bumped from the boat, but worth seeing the carvings on the side of the river and some amazing water falls. We stopped midway through for a Bintang and a coconut.


All in all, it was an amazing week of learning, being pushed and having a few thrills. I’m now off to get a Fish Pedicure! 





PS: As always, if you are curious about the ROTB program and want to chat - I’m happy to set up an intro for you. Just shoot me an email ;) 



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