Week 1 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

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OK! This isn’t so hard! (I say that today) 
Week 1 of Ruby on the Beach is now over and I’m actually feeling like I understand the material. NOW - whether I can retain and utilize the concepts later is another matter all together! As the week went on, we did a lot of repetitive work for that very reason - which was great. 
I had a moment of overwhelm early in the week wondering how I would ever learn all of this information and be able to use it. But I quickly reminded myself that there are a ton of computer programmers that were exactly where I am - and they made it. (Kind of like starting a business, right? Lots and lots of people do it, and it's always overwhelming the first time.) 
I was really excited to see that 4 out of the 10 students are women - getting close to 50%! With such an emphasis on STEM these days - it’s great to see that many women working on learning this skill. I know it's a priority for ROTB as well. The students are from all over the world, Australia, London, Jakarta, Milan, Wisconsin... 
We are working out of the co-working space here called Hubud. Every morning we quickly go around the table and talk about a concern and a succes and on Friday after the day is over we sit with our feet in the pool and recap the week. Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, a yoga instructor comes in the morning and leads us through an hour of yoga to get us centered and calm. On Friday, a monkey joined us and sat next to Colyn, a university student from Australia. The yoga sessions are a really nice perk and a great way to get us started for the day. 
We’ve been moving at a great pace and this is actually really fun to learn. Learning the inner workings of my computer and what simple commands can do has been really eye opening. Only a week ago, there was NO WAY I would ever open my terminal window and start typing into it. What if my computer exploded?!  Now, I'm typing away, creating commands and finally wrote my first piece of code. It was to determine if I had enough ingredients to make a cookie. 
Here's what it looks like: 
def cookie2
  puts "Do you have 2 eggs?"
  eggs = gets.chomp
    if eggs == "Yes" || eggs == "yes" then
      puts "great, you have enough."
      puts "you don't have enough."
  puts "Do you have two cups of flour?"
  flour = gets.chomp
  if flour == "Yes" || flour == "yes" then
       puts "great, you have enough."
        puts "you don't have enough."
  puts "Do you have 2 cups of milk?"
  milk = gets.chomp
  if milk == "Yes" || milk == "yes" then
       puts "great, you have enough."
         puts "you don't have enough"
  if eggs == "Yes" || eggs == "yes" && flour == "Yes" || flour == "yes" && milk == "Yes" || milk == "yes" then
       puts "Great! Fire up the oven."
       puts "Get to the store!"
1 week ago, I couldn't even begin to tell you what that meant - and now I can. Pretty amazing. I can already tell that this is going to be a new way to creatively express myself and I could not be more 

excited. I've been asking a ton of questions along the way and with 3 instructors to 10 students - I’m getting a lot of attention. (And seriously, you know I love attention.)


Learning while living in Bali is probably the best case scenario… ever. As most of you can relate - it’s tough to take a break from your business! But because we are in such a relaxed place, I’m really able to get my work done in the off hours, Christian and I are able to try new restaurants, explore and play with monkeys, and still fully participate in this program. It also helps that we are 16 hours ahead, so email and social media are relatively quiet. 


One of the best parts about the program is that the program leads not only want us to really learn Ruby on Rails, but also want us to truly experience Bali! They’ve planned out trips for us to visit volcanoes, see Temples, eat at great restaurants, ride Elephants and yesterday, we went to the beach - I barely get to do that in San Diego! 
So far, so good - I have to go to my scooter lesson now ;) 


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