Positioning Statement

Positioning Statement

“Positioning” in the marketing world is your company’s perception positioned in the mind of your consumer, usually in relation to your competitors. For example, we all have a position in our mind for brands of cars. Bad or good, a BMW is positioned one way in your mind and a Pinto is positioned another way. The purpose of a positioning statement is to create the perception you want for your brand before the consumer does.

Crafting a positioning statement can be very tricky. Luckily for us, Proctor & Gamble created a template that makes it very easy to create a clear and effective positioning statement. Replace the bold information with your company information.

For your audience, your product name is a category name which provides main benefit unlike primary competitor which provides competitor’s main benefit.

Using your positioning statement amongst your internal team is a great way to keep everyone focused on the main value of your product/service and is a good talking point for everyone involved in your organization.


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