Why Passion Is NOT The Way

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It’s time we all take a good hard look at PASSION and why it’s ridiculous. 


Raise your hand if you’ve been asked this: 

     What are you passionate about? 

     Have you found your passion? 

     Wanna pay me money to help you uncover your passion? 


Hold up - let’s stop this madness for a minute. 

I am constantly hearing “What are you passionate about?” and I literally search for an answer that I think will fit into the mold of what that person might think a suitable “passion” is.

Clean water? Education? Starving kids?

"WHAT DO THEY WANT TO HEAR?!?" I silently scream to myself.

The real honest answer: I’m passionate about creating enough revenue that my husband can stop stressing about his student loan payments. THAT’S my passion - HIM. I’m passionate about creating a business that let’s me be home during the day with my new baby girl. My passion? HER.

My "passion” is them.

As a little girl and well into college, I wanted to be an Opera singer. I studied music in college and finally realized that being an Opera singer most likely meant waiting tables. While I loved my time at Joe’s Crab Shack, I didn’t want that to be my career trajectory.

Was music my passion? Hell yes it was! But why does that always have to translate in to your work?

Can you be PASSIONATE about your work without it being your PASSION?

I believe so. 

I also believe that this question has left us feeling bad about what we are pursuing. As if being an accountant or a bartender is any less noble because your passion isn't GAAPS or gin?

How about being passionate about being able to have a business that creates jobs for others, or bringing in a decent income in the evenings so you can be there when you precious child comes home from school?

It’s OK to use your work as the vehicle to your passion. We shouldn’t be chasing our passion anyway, we should be solving a problem - if you happen to be passionate about that problem, jackpot! 

Let’s let go of having to work on your “passion” and decide to be “passionate” about your work instead. 



Love how you mention using your work as a vehicle to your passion! I watched a few Ted talks that discuss this exact topic.  One point that was made is that "passion is a feeling", so you can be passionate about anything.  Work hard and the passion will follow. :)  One of the ted talks, if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MBaFL7sCb8.  

OMG! I was just experiencing this right now! My thought of waking up everyday to do what I do is for my son who will be coming to see this world in 4 months time. And here I read your post affirming my thought. 

Passion is a trait that is highly looked for in our business's culture. You have provided another angle to look at relating to this that many people wouldn't usually consider. Thank you for your insights.

I truly enjoyed your post. I have realized that I am passionate about helping people. Of course that could have gone anywhere. Then I realized that I was also passionate about selling. So I combined them both and I have been able to stay passionate for a longer amount of time. It didn't just stop at helping clients though. I have been a sales manager/director because I enjoy helping others to grow within the business. Thanks again.

Richard Benchimol

Leads Indeed www.leadsindeed.com

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Is passion? want to do or love to do.
At present time money is a most important thing or valuable and blindly go for it. 2nd thing jobs are scarce and many of us will be stuck doing jobs. And Because of it, we started hating or avoiding Passion because we need money. 

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