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09 Sep 2013 Written by chicceo In

Curating Customer Service

Feedback (good or bad) can come from a million different sources these days - Facebook, email, Twitter, Yelp, blog comments, and on, and on… Getting your customer's issues resolved when they reach out to you via a multitude of channels can be really difficult and time consuming. 

Chic CEO has recently partnered with Deskero - a robust traditional help desk software but with a difference: it is proactive.

By bringing messages from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networks together with email and telephone messages - you are able to expand the number of customers you reach. Customers can submit help tickets via a simple ticketing system to get their issue resolved before they take it to a public forum. Just install a simple widget on your site and you're off and running. 

Deskero even has a knowledge base that your customers can use to search for answers to their questions. Enter a few of the questions most frequently asked by customers, along with your responses to those questions and upload additional files such as images, demos, or screenshots. Customers can resolve their issues from within your knowledge base.

One of my favorite features? Deskero compiles all of your customer's data and convos then complies them into a really beautiful graphical report. There are 20 templates to choose from. 

We're so excited to have Deskero as a new partner! Sign up for free - and start putting your customer's feedback to work for you!! 
Here a the promo code you can use for any of their services:      
*this is for a 50% discount for six months for any plan. Expires 10/31/13

09 Sep 2013 Written by Sukpreet In

Why Every College Student Should Intern

Thought Leader Blog Post

Repeatedly as college students, we are informed by our career counselors, parents, and professors to seek internships, to devote time to a most of the time, unpaid job, when in all honesty, we would rather be at the beach, hanging out in the sun, and avoiding every type of mental strain possible.

09 Sep 2013 Written by LauraRenner In

A Pill for the Hiring Hangover

Thought Leader Blog Post

I’m currently training for my first marathon. I do not mean to imply that there will be more marathons, but rather that I have never run one before. This weekend, I ran 20 miles non-stop for first time in my life. Upon completing this run, I was mixed with elation and pain. I first hobbled to the gas station where I had parked my car and bought two bottles of Gatorade, which I drank while sitting on the curb. When I finally stood up to stretch, I was in enough pain that I actually considered forgoing the stretches. But I thought to myself, if I don’t stretch now, I’m going to be in even more pain later. And when I got home, I promptly took an ibuprofen. I had the same thought, “this is to prevent pain from happening later.” While I waited for the ibuprofen to kick in, it dawned on me that we often take pills to prevent pain later.

05 Sep 2013 Written by LauraGiveMe10 In

Keeping All the Balls in the Air, or "Calgon, take me away!"

keeping all the balls in the airThought Leader Blog Post

I'm dating myself to reference the 70s commercial starring the frazzled working mother longing for a break from a day of obligations. No doubt why it's a classic -- everyone can relate. Even though I was a kid when the commercial aired, I could see my own mom and other moms, and even I knew Calgon wouldn't be enough. Having parented three kids for the last 14 years, one dog for the last two, as well as managed and supported the people and services that orbit around them (husband, friends, work, school, community involvement, vet, etc.), it's easy to see there are just too many balls in the air. 

Usually I can maintain a somewhat awkward juggle of most, with some inevitably falling for a while until I can get them back in play. Very rarely have I felt like all the balls were in the air -- and when they were, I looked like one of those out-of-control jugglers stumbling around trying to catch bowling pins that went off course. How undignified! My life feels a bit like that game where you try to get everything to fit and just when you think you have, one piece pops out. I'll take three hours to really clean up the kids' rooms, but that means I didn't have time to make dinner. Or I'll spend an afternoon writing a report, but then I have no idea what's going on in the news that day. So I go from feeling elated that I made headway on something like the rooms or the desk, only to feel dejected soon after that there's no dinner or downtime.

04 Sep 2013 Written by chicceo In

The Global Rise of Female Entrepreneurs

As Originally Posted on HBR Blog
by Jackie VanderBrug

Women's entrepreneurship has hit a media tipping point. The question is: Is it just a passing media fad that will soon be a blip on the radar screen, or is it actually a real, fundamental economic force that's reshaping the world? I think it's safe to say that it's the latter. Women-owned entities in the formal sector represent approximately 37% of enterprises globally — a market worthy of attention by businesses and policy makers alike.

03 Sep 2013 Written by KB In

The ‘Golden Ticket’ to Improving Productivity

Thought Leader Blog Post

Workplace Flexibility: The ‘Golden Ticket’ to Improving Productivity and Engagement

Researchers Brian Carney and Isaac Getz claim that the single most important corporate move in the last two decades that is quietly transforming a number of businesses is complete freedom for employees. How does this translate in the workplace? Both globally and locally, workplace flexibility is consistently sighted as one of the top three drivers of employee engagement.

01 Sep 2013 Written by ProductWhore In

Calling All Makeup and Cosmetics Entrepreneur

Guest Post by Leyna Juliet Weber, Chief Product Whore
My husband, Jeff, married a product whore. The news didn't just sneak up on him.  There was full disclosure before we tied the knot. When I started spending the night, I think I had a drawer before I had a key.  Actually, it was like this… 
Him:  Babe, I cleared out a few drawers so you'd be comfortable to stay over more. 
Me:  Aww… I'll see if I can make that happen schedule-wise. (Sound of neck craning around to the bathroom) Huh. Ohhh. Mmm.
Him:  What? You need more space?
Me:  Yes.  Most definitely. Specifically in the bathroom.
30 Aug 2013 Written by Jody In

Little Girls With Dreams

27 Aug 2013 Written by KB In

12 Ways to Manage Your E "Monster"

Thought Leader Blog Post

Over the last few months we have been sharing our research on Workplace Productivity with numerous stakeholder groups. Without fail, the subject that consistently gets the most focus and subsequent discussion by all groups is the use of email and the impact it has on workplace productivity.

26 Aug 2013 Written by LauraRenner In

Why you aren’t finding that gem of a candidate

Thought Leader Blog

For this past New Year’s, my girlfriends and I took a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, aka PCH. This is California Highway 1 that drives along the west coast and we drove it from San Francisco down to Santa Barbara. In case you don’t know, along this coastal drive is where you see some of the most stunning ocean views one can imagine. The drive is exhilarating, and a little scary, as you wind around and up and down the cragged coastline.

23 Aug 2013 Written by Jody In

Startup Weekend for Women in San Francisco

September 13-15 - San Francisco, CA

Bringing Women into the Startup Weekend spotlight! Men are still invited to attend, but the focus of this weekend long event is to bring together and showcase amazing women. If you have an idea you've been thinking about, are looking for great folks to collaborate with, or maybe just want to meet awesome women interested in tech and innovation, this is a great event for you!

23 Aug 2013 Written by Jody In

1 Million Cups Launches in San Diego

We are stoked to be a part of the committee that will be hosting 1 Million Cups events every Wednesday beginning September 11, 2013 in San Diego.

22 Aug 2013 Written by CristinaQ In

Female Entrepreneurship, the Hot Topic at SxSW V2V

Thought Leader Blog
"We need a broad entrepreneurial economy to continue to sustain," says AOL Co-Founder, Steve Case during his keynote presentation at SxSW V2V. Not just in industry, but also in gender and ethnicity. Gender topics and diversity have always seeded controversy in business, but now more than ever, we're seeing both men and women equally pushing for more equality in the workforce - especially on the topic of entrepreneurship.
21 Aug 2013 Written by LauraRenner In

HGTV makes me think that hiring is like buying a house

Thought Leader Blog

Let me start this week’s blog by saying I don’t have a TV. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch TV. I watch TV via my laptop or iPad through iTunes, Netflix, apps and DVDs, etc. Those of you in this situation will understand what I’m about to say: when I go somewhere that has a TV on, I become a zombie and soak in whatever is on, whether I am interested in it or not. That is what happened one weekend when I was visiting family. They had the TV on to the HGTV channel. I happened to sit down on the couch and the next thing I knew, I was mesmerized by these people looking for new homes. One was a young woman wanting to move out of her parents’ house. Another was a couple wanting to buy a vacation condo in Florida. And one was a father wanting to move to his ancestral homeland of Lithuania. I couldn’t peel away. My sister-in-law even nudged me, suggesting that I could change the channel to whatever I wanted. Mind you, they weren’t watching with me; they were off doing other things. I was glued!

20 Aug 2013 Written by KB In

Employee Engagement By Design Not Default

Thought Leader Blog

One of the things I love most about consulting in the employee engagement space is the opportunity to see the diverse approaches that organisations take regarding the performance of their people and business strategy. Over time, I have come to see that there is a common lifecycle that organisations progress through as employee engagement evolves as part of the leadership philosophy within the culture of the organisation. Below are few observations about organisations at the each end of the lifecyle.

19 Aug 2013 Written by Jody In

San Diego TechCrunch Meetup + Pitch-Off

We're excited to announce the San Diego TechCrunch Meetup + Pitch-Off happening this Thursday (8/22)! It will be a night to remember, with beer, networking opportunities, and a battle to the death to see which entrepreneurs can dazzle and excite in under sixty seconds.

15 Aug 2013 Written by Jody In

Lauren Bush Lauren Shares the Power of Social Good

Originally Posted on SxSW V2V Blog

Lauren Bush Lauren, fashion entrepreneur and founder of FEED, inspired audiences during the closing SXSW V2V keynote. After traveling to Africa and witnessing first hand the effects of hunger, Lauren devised a plan to tackle the issue by bundling the cost to feed a child in school for one year into the price of a consumer product--and the FEED bag was born.

Now five years later, after donating 6 million dollars and 60 million meals, Lauren has evolved this ambitious pursuit into a global powerhouse brand that creates good products that help FEED the world. In her keynote with Inc. contributing editor Donna Fenn, Lauren shared the importance of partnerships in FEED's success. She shared stories of the hurdles she had to overcome to have her bag sold in her dream store, Whole Foods, and how similar partnerships have now become critical to the company's expansion.

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