The Business Opportunity Rule

How To Comply With The Business Opportunity Rule

The Business Opportunity Rule applies to any business that is selling the business opportunity to another person or group. There are 3 Key responsibilities that you will have to comply with. It is important to understand this Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rule if you are buying a business opportunity as well. The rule is designed to avoid unfair and illegal practices.

The 3 Key Responsibilities that are required:
          • Disclosure Document
          • Identifying Information
          • Earnings Claims
          • Legal Actions
          • Cancellation or Refund Policy
          • References
          • Earnings Claim Statement - If you make any claim about earnings, you must provide documentation in writing of the statement. You must also provide a separate document that says in big letters accross the top: "Earnings Claim Statement Required By Law" which must include:
          • The name of the person making the claim
          • The date the claim was made
          • The specifics of the claim
          • The start and end date that the earnings were achieved
          • The number and percentage of your buyers who got at least that result
          • Any information about the buyers who got those results
          • A statement that the prospective buyers can get written proof of the earnings claim if they ask for it
          • Avoid Illegal Practices

Watch this vide provided by the FTC for all of the details about the Business Opportunity Rule:


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