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2 Page Biz Plan Template:
Use this business plan to just get down the basics of your business. If you are going to bootstrap this, the 2 page business plan template is for you.    
Comprehensive Business Plan Template: 
This template will walk you through the entire business plan process. When you are through with this, you'll have approximately a 30 page business plan. Perfect if you are thinking of bringing on investors!
Advisor Agreement Template: 
Bringing on an advisory board is always a great idea. Here is a template for you to use to start to building your advisory board the right way. 
Creating and Operationalizing Your Brand: 
Having a brand is more than just a logo. This workbook will walk you through all of the steps to creating a distinctive and clear brand voice. 
Expense Forecast: 
Use this worksheet to map out your expenses. This can be used when you are creating your business, or even if you have an existing business.   
Photo Release: 
Are you taking photos for your website or other marketing materials? If you have people in them, be sure to have them each sign a photo release. This is an example of a photo release. 
Press Release Outline:
Got something newsworthy you'd like to share? Use this press release outline to tell the world!
Promissory Note:
Need to borrow some money from Uncle Rick and need a way to make it kosher? Use a promissory note to keep things on the up and up. This is a sample. 
Sample Site Map:
Use this sample site map to help you create a site map of your website. 
Sample Operating Agreement: 
If you are going to go into business with someone - don't even think about moving forward without an Operating Agreement. Trust us, it's going to make things a lot easier and much more fun!
Host Beneficiary Marketing Workbook: 
If you need to get customers fast, this little strategy book will get you on your way. Finding companies with a target audience like yours will help you get some traction. 
Your Guide to High ROI Email Marketing: 
Connect one on one with your opt-in e mail list at work, at home or on their mobile and increase sales and awareness and build customer loyalty. Don’t launch your email marketing campaign without reading these invaluable key points! 
Power Your Marketing & Increase Sales with CRM: 
Putting your customers at the heart of your business is a sure route to unlocking sustainable, trustworthy and intimate relationships with your buyers. This process begins with strategic development.     

Investor Pitch Template: 

Thinking about asking for some investment money? Wondering what to include in your presentation? Here you go, sister!      

Hooked! 7 Tips to Capture a Prospects Attention:
When you’re prospecting, it’s tough to capture the attention of today’s frazzled customer. All of us have become busier-andbusier and better-and-better at screening out messages (your email, your voice mail, etc.) The more prospecting weapons you have, the better. - Anne Miller, www.annemiller.com

12 Tips for Designing a Winning Pitch:
"Many clients have asked that I share some of my best-practice tips from my 10 + years developing the innovative, step-by-step POP! Process that shows how to create compelling communication so it wins buy-in. These techniques have been used successfully by many start-ups to design a clear, concise, convincing, commercially-viable 10 minute pitch that captured the attention, respect and interest of decision-makers. " - Sam Horn, The Intrigue Agency


Top Ten Traits Of A Successful Franchise Owner

"Being a franchise consultant (I like to think of myself as a franchise matchmaker), many people have asked me what it takes to be a successful franchise owner. I struggle to answer this question, because success depends on so many things, some of which are outside the franchise owner’s control. However, I have noticed certain traits that are shared by the successful franchise owners I know. While possessing some or all of these traits can never guarantee success, I believe they certainly attract it more readily." - Roxanne Rapske, www.TheFranchiseGenie.com


Facebook Cheat Sheets: From Alicia Rittenhouse

Have you wondered how to properly set up your business' Facebook Page? Social Media Expert, Alicia Rittenhouse has a couple of cheat sheets to make sure you are leveraging your Facebook Page to get maximum results.

Setting up your Facebook Fan Page:

Facebook Timeline Checklist:

Creating Success E-Book: From Launch Your Life
Are you ready to get the results you have been desperately wanting and needing in your life? All too often we allow challenges along the way to hold us back and keep us from experiencing our dreams and desires. Maybe you can think of something in your life right now that you feel is holding you back. 

Mentor/Mentee Agreement: From Women Evolution
Thinking about finding a mentor? Make it official with this agreement form!


Own It!: From Next For Women
Our friends from Next For Women have prepared a 3 e-books to Own Your Look, Own Your Niche, and Own Your Name. Download these books and get started on your personal brand!

Own Your Look:

Own Your Niche:

Own Your Name:

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