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Chic CEO is so excited to announce that we've brought on our first advisor, Veronica Belmont. Veronica is an on-air host with Tekzilla and Sword and Laser as well as writes for a myriad of gaming and tech sites. Based in San Francisco, Veronica is really influential and involved in the tech and startup space. She'll be working with Chic CEO on long-term strategy, partnerships and growth. In addition to advising Chic CEO, she advises Goodreads, gdgt, and to name a few. Not only is Veronica smart, savvy and successful - she is most definitely chic. Millions interact with her daily on Twitter as she's the go-to expert on what's new in tech, gaming and new media. We are thrilled to have her on board as Chic CEO grows!!

Tell us a bit about your background and your journey from CNET to Tekzilla.

I joined CNET in 2004 as an audio production intern. Having just graduated from college the June before, this was a huge get for me! I was thrilled to not only be working in a field related to my major (audio/radio) but also to be working for a media company with a reputation like CNET. I began producing (and eventually co-hosting) several of their audio podcasts, including Buzz Out Loud. From there, my boss asked me if I wanted to start writing and producing some of my own segments for CNET TV! I had never been on camera before, but it was a great learning experience. Editing yourself in Final Cut Pro is the quickest way to learn what you're doing wrong on camera!
I moved on to host another video show called Mahalo Daily in 2007, but after a year I decided that I wanted to get back to my tech roots. Revision3 was looking for a new host for Tekzilla, which I had been a guest on once or twice, so I jumped at the chance! I also started hosting a video game show called Qore, on the Playstation Network, at the same time. It was busy and hectic, but a lot of fun!
What does the landscape of women in tech currently look like to you?
Women reporting on technology is very common these days, though slightly less so in the video game industry. There are a good number of female entrepreneurs in the tech industry, but I would love to see more. There's been a ton of discussion lately online about why we see such a disparity between men and women in this space, but I don't know if there's any one good reason for it.
You certainly have a huge following in the tech space. What do you do to manage your personal brand in front of this big audience?
Managing my social media precense is basically a fulltime job. I do my best to just share content that I think my audience will enjoy, stay authentic and true to my own voice, and try to answer as many questions and comments as possible! You always hear the bad with the good, so developing a thick skin is important when you're so close to your audience and readers.
What are some of your favorite apps or gadgets that you'd recommend to help businesses run smoothly?
I'm writing these answers right now on Notational Velocity (for OS X), a great note-taking app that I also use as my primary word processor. It syncs with a site called SimpleNote, so I can access my notes across many platforms. This has replaced my to-do apps as well, since I can jot those down in a note much quicker this way. I've also just started using FreshBooks for managing invoices for Sword and Laser (another show I host and produce), and is hands-down the most important website and app for frequent travelers. 
You are the perfect combination of geek and chic. What's your secret?
I geek out on fashion and makeup and other more "girly" pursuits the same way I get obsesssed with technology and new media. So mabye a slightly obsessive nature is the key? 
What's your favorite mistake? 
Dating the wrong guy in college was my favorite mistake! Our breakup was what caused me to move to San Francisco, which turned out wonderfully. 
What do you hope the Chic CEO community can learn from your experience?
The best advice I can give is to work with what you love. Having a career built upon something you're passionate about makes work a much better experience. If you're starting a company, basing it around a passion will make the tough times a lot easier to bear. 


To learn more about Veronica, check out her website and follow her on Twitter @Veronica


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