Media Kits

Media Kits

Whether you’ve written a book, are a freelance musician, started a business or sell advertising, having a media kit will serve you well. A media kit contains the background information that a reporter, prospective publisher or client would use learn more about you or your company. More than likely, a reporter will be on deadline and will need some background info on you – fast. If your media kit is ready and up to date, you stand a better chance of getting your company in the press. 

Here is what your media kit should include:
   - Bios on the company founders/executive team, author, musician, etc. with headshots.
   - Background of the company, how and why it was started, what you do, etc.
   - Fast fact sheet: bullet point key facts about your company that are of interest to reporters.
   - Brochures/marketing materials or samples if appropriate.
   - Contact info: how people get in touch with you or your team.
   - Product photos: reporters will need photos of you or your product for their stories.
   - Past press releases if any.

You may notice that the media may need more information from you. Always respond promptly, or they may move on to the next source – your competitor. If the same information is being requested over and over, you may decide that it makes sense to add it to your media kit. Traditionally, all pieces of your media kit should be printed on letterhead, have appropriate contact info on them and organized in a professional looking pocket folder. If you have the budget, get creative! Do you design shoes? Put all media materials in a shoebox. Maybe you have a small delicatessen - arrange your kit like a menu. Make it relevant to your business and add some personality.

It’s also a good idea to have a pdf of your media kit for download on your website. Not only is it very fast for reporters, it’s green!


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