So what's the deal with Chic Works?

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We get a lot of questions about Chic Works... mostly, "So what is it?"  Well a lot of things, but most importantly, it does your email marketing. Here is the quick and dirty on it's features:

Email Marketing
Sending emails to your database is an important part of your marketing program. So how does Chic Works help you with that? Upload your contacts, create a newsletter template (or upload one you've created) and send. You are able to track all opens, who clicked what and when. 

Why does this matter? Well, you are able to see who is really engaging with your brand. Find out what content is most interesting to your readers, who you're super readers are and what's working for you. Chic Works tracking is one of the most robust you'll find, so you can use it to really drill down to learn more about your audience.

Auto-responders, drip campaigns and sign up forms too... lovely! 

Project Management
If you have a team of people you need to coordinate, use the project app in Chic Works to schedule tasks and deadlines between you and your entire team. Your team members can log in, check what tasks are assigned to them and when they are due. They are also able to update their progress on each task so everyone is always up to date. 

Event Management & Registration
Do you hold events? Chic Works will let users register for your event, pay the event fee and it links right to your paypal account. It's easy to create a calendar that you can insert into your website. Users can click the calendar and are taken to a landing page where they can register. In addition you can issue discounts to certain groups.

Customer Relationship Management helps your team keep track of all outreach they do to potential clients. Create notes, reminders and follow ups that can be easily documented and tracked right in Chic Works. The CRM component will also track any emails you send out in your email marketing campaigns. 

Chic Works will build you a website. You heard me, sister! Pick from one of our templates, fill in the content and your website is ready! Not only that, you can create ads to put on your website, issue coupons to your customers and sell products - all within Chic Works. You are also able to track your pageviews, analytics and traffic. Seriously, it's just that cool. 
Here's a video that explains more:


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