1 Year, Brett Favre & Bliss

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BLISS. It's officially been a year since Chic CEO launched and I am so blissed out of my mind, I can hardly contain it. 

So much has happened this year that has propelled Chic CEO forward and it's really been a wild ride. Am I exhausted? Yes, but blissfully exhausted. Am I excited? Yes! Blissfully excited! Am I nervous? Yes, but blissfully nervous. Am I thankful? BLISSFULLY THANKFUL. We've hit some incredible milestones this year and along with those milestones - lessons. I think I'll share a few with you. 

December 6, 2010 - The Launch.
Milestone: I'm sitting on my couch, coffee and computer in hand. I tell my web designer "OK - GO LIVE."  And she does. WHOA!!!  I type in www.chic-ceo.com on my browser and there it is... I'm home alone and I start to cry. After a year of research, writing and design - it's alive! I feel like I just gave birth, I grew and nurtured something from within and now it's out in the world and I feel like a proud mom. My control over it was now gone, my work is now in the universe. I start to panic a bit, wondering if anyone will think what I've done is ridiculous, but quickly put that aside - determined to enjoy this moment. The content isn't perfect, some bugs still needed to be worked out - but Chic CEO was born. 

Lesson: Stop obsessing about perfection and just GO LIVE. 

February 8, 2011 - Then There Were Two. 
Milestone: Sometimes, we are so blessed in life to find a friend that is supportive of what we do and believes in what we have created. I'm fortunate to have many wonderful people in my life that do just that. But when I first discussed Chic CEO with my friend, Jody Coughlin back in 2009, I've never had a bigger cheerleader. Jody's passion for Chic CEO since the first time I ever brought it up has been unmatched. After I launched Chic CEO, Jody launched her own "Love Chic CEO" campaign. Telling everyone she knew, talking about Chic CEO at networking events, and connecting me with influential people she knew would benefit from it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, "You never find someone who loves your passion as much as you do. NEVER! And then I did." Asking Jody to come aboard was (and still is) the best decision I made for Chic CEO. It wouldn't even be close to where it is today if it weren't for my smart and sassy friend, Jody. She understands the vision more than anyone else (sometimes including me) and I trust her implicitly because she just "gets it." Not only that, she's pretty.

Lesson: When you connect with another (really really connect), especially in business - invite them in, share and watch how amazing your results can be.

June 24, 2011 - Brett Favre!
Milestone: Up until July, Jody and I both had full time jobs and working Chic CEO on nights and weekends. One afternoon sitting in my cubicle, a google alert popped in my email for Chic CEO. "Forbes Names Top 10 Entrepreneurial Websites For Women." I clicked open the article and felt the blood drain from my head. We were #2 in their Top 10 Entrepreneurial Websites for Women. Entrepreneur.com was #10! WHAT?!? Silently squealing in my cubicle, I kneel down on the floor and call Jody. I tell her to open the email I just forwarded her. I'm quietly screaming, "Forbes! Forbes!" She says, "Brett Favre? What?"  I run out of my cubicle, run out the front door and scream, "Forbes! Not Favre! We are in Forbes!!"  Now when we are excited about something, we scream "Brett Favre!" Shortly after this, Jody and I both quit everything else and began working Chic CEO full time.

Lesson: Sometimes you think what you are doing is just small time, but Forbes didn't think so. Stretch open ladies, you are providing more value than you think.

September 26, 2011 - Chic Works Hits the Scene.
Milestone: Email Marketing, the Chic way! Chic CEO is fortunate enough to get the opportunity to white label a product so robust and so powerful that it blows our hair back. Chic Works has given us the opportunity to bring "large business" products to our "small business" sisters. We use Chic Works ourselves and couldn't get our heads around how unbelievably cool it was! We had to figure out a way to get this product to our community too. In our first month, we sent out 5,600 emails, now we're sending out upwards of 46,000 emails a month for all of our users! We are so proud to bring an amazing product to our Chic CEO community so they can run their businesses more efficiently while saving them lots of moola. 

Lesson: Never did we think we would get into the business of selling email marketing software, but this is such an amazing product we couldn't pass it up. Be open and nimble to what opportunities or ancillary products/services you can provide to make your customers' lives work better.

December 6, 2011 - What's Next?
Being in a reflective mood today, it seems that a year is such a short amount of time. Hard to believe so many things can happen in that small space. As we move forward with our vision of empowering female entrepreneurs everywhere, we are humbled and so very grateful to be a small part of your dream. We are looking forward to 2012 and seeing what wild ride Chic CEO takes us for next. We sincerely hope that you've found value in Chic CEO and it has helped you get your small business started. 

To another great year!




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