Use Of Your Calendar

Use of Your Calendar
Use it – Whether you use a paper planner like Franklin Covey or a program like iCal, using your planner/calendar can be one of the single best and most productive things you can do.  Never commit to an appointment without looking at your planner first. Nothing is more embarrassing than saying you are available for a meeting then having to reschedule because you weren’t prepared.

Colors - A lot of electronic calendars can be set up to make life so much easier. For instance, color coding your calendar can make it easy for you to see quickly what your day/month will hold. Use a different color for appointments, birthdays, phone calls, reminders etc.

Alerts – Utilize an alert system for your calendar, (even better if it syncs to your smart phone), have your calendar alert you 15-20 minutes before each appointment so you are never late, set up alerts to let you know 3 days before a birthday so that you can get a card in the mail. Every six months, your calendar should alert you to make a dentist appointment, every 3 months to change your oil, every two weeks to schedule girl’s night. No need to rely on sheer memory, set up a quick alert within your calendar to remember for you.


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