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Chic CEO's very own It Girl - Melanie, had the awesome opportunity to interview an entrepreneur that is very near and dear to her heart, her momma! Check out what she learned about the woman who shaped her life - Amy Zimmerman of Amy Zimmerman and Associates (

1. Why did you decide to work for yourself?  I got mad at my boss one day and looked around at other companies that do what I do and could not find anyone with the same ethics and integrity that are critical to the way I do business, so I decided it was time to do it on my own. I also had 2 very young children and was working more than I wanted to and thought I would have more time for my family. 
2. Tell us what makes Amy Zimmerman and Associates different from other recruiting agencies. We are a small, boutique style firm with an owner that is very hands on and present. We actually recruit versus just advertise for positions, and we meet every candidate that we represent. Only 21% of agencies actually meet their candidates. We strive to do the best job every day.
3. Now that you have a successful business, what do you wish you would've known before you got started? That an owner works 7 days per week. The buck stops here and although I have a lot of freedom, I have a lot of responsibility.
4. What is the most rewarding experience you've had since starting Amy Zimmerman and Associates? Being able to teach others.  Several people that have worked for me have learned the right way to recruit and have been able to start their own successful businesses. It is also wonderful when someone comes back to you after several years and tells you the advice you offered changed their life.
5. What advice can you give to other Chic CEO's to help them on their entrepreneurial journeys?  Be prepared to be lonely at the top. Having a great team is key to your success. Hire slow and fire fast. And lead by example. You have to be the hardest worker on your team, or just make sure it looks that way. :)
6. What personal quality do you believe has helped you the most to strive and succeed in starting your own business?  I have a very strong work ethic. I am smart and think fast. I believe that gives me a competitive edge.
7. When business gets tough, what's your personal mantra to keep you going strong?  I started by myself, I can do this by myself.

We agree Amy! Oh and thanks for raising such an intelligent and motivated rock star of a daughter, we see where she gets it from...



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