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You may call it a "Girl Crush" - my friends and I call it "giving her my banana" (more on that another time) - whatever you call it, I am totally, 100%, irrevocably in love with White Hot Truth and Danielle LaPorte. 
I've been following Danielle for a few years now and every time I read something of hers, it's like I just inhaled sunshine. Corny, I know, but there really is no other way to describe it. I find my cheeks wet with tears, or I chuckle but each time, I feel full of light and permission. Danielle writes little truths with big impact that when I read them, I feel like a weight is lifted and I am gifted approval to create, to feel, to think. 
Among many things that Danielle has gifted to the world, on her birthday last year she sold her digital Fire Starter Sessions to the public in what she called a "Pay What You Can" birthday present to herself. With my measly little $50, I bought myself and Chic CEO the best present anyone could ask for on Danielle's birthday. Danielle sells her digital FSS's for $150 and her in-person FSS sessions for $1,000. To my delight, Danielle accepted my offer, I downloaded my own copy and I was ready for my fire to be stoked. (My last name is Burns after all.)
The Fire Starter Sessions lead you through a deep exploration of yourself, your behavior, your vision and then drops you deep into the inner purpose of your business. Get ready to work.
WARNING: If you are of a sensitive nature, you better toughen up sister. Bring on the fire...
module 1: strength + desire: define yourself on your own terms
For me, module 1 was tough. Really tough. I cried. And cried and cried. It's not easy to come to terms with your own truth, whether good or bad. (I am an Aries.) Module 1 took me through the nooks and crannies of my past mistakes and successes. 
module 2: identity + branding: you are not a box of cereal
This module was an introduction to myself. Stephanie meet Stephanie. Questions that I spent hours pouring over. Questions like "Why do you do what you do?" Because I wish someone would have done it for me.  "If your company culture were a flavour, what would it be?" Champagne.
module 3: content + services + promotion
Module 3 is about the doing. The business of your business. Here's where Danielle takes you by the hand and forces you to think about what you are offering the world and why they should care. Oh, and the money. The FSS are designed to get you on the moola path.
module 4: reverie + courage
Module 4 was my favorite of all the modules. Probably because after all of the crying, the puzzling, the crunching, module 4 was the lifting, the sweeping, the cleaning. This module is designed to find the space where I feel good, the space where my business feels right, the space where fear cannot enter. Dreamy space. 
I told you it's like sunshine. 
So now that you are drooling over your own scorching session, I am giving away a free Fire Starter Session here at Chic CEO. If you join the site (don't worry it's free) from now until February 28, 2011, you'll be entered to win your very own burning hot session!!  


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