Why Working With Other Women Can Help Your Career

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There has been a number of articles bombarding the blogosphere about women being bullies to other women in the workplace. However, some business owners are discovering that women working together with other women is a recipe for a successful business. We should be moving away from trying to compete with another woman for the one available position at their company and instead, trying to support them towards achieving their goal. More women are taking leadership positions in their companies, and it is the hope that females are tending to support one another more than trying to outcompete one another.

Although only a small number of women represent the leadership team in large companies, more and more women are taking it upon themselves to move up the corporate ladder or become their own boss. The number of female CEOs is rising everyday. Many of them started off by just taking out a small loan to start their business and are now puppeteering from skyscrapers in major cities across the world. Unfortunately, they are finding themselves to be the only female at the table during leadership meetings.

Creating a gender-diverse workplace is essential to creating balance and a successful business. From a scientific research point of view, men and women have physiological strengths and weaknesses that come together to create a powerhouse when group dynamics are solid. Men tend to be more direct communicators and want to keep projects and conversations moving forward. Women tend to look at issues more holistically and want to know the source of the issue before moving forward with a solution. It is helpful to have another woman to work with that will advocate for that style of thinking — and not feeling like the odd one out for thinking “like a girl.”

When women are able to work with other women, it can create a more comforting and secure workplace. It enables other women to have someone else on the leadership team that communicates in a similar manner and processes issues with the same style of management. It also helps to have an ally in navigating the gender pay gap that is still a common issue. Some women may feel threatened by having another woman on the leadership team and feel as though they are no longer the “token female.” Competition breeds competition. It is best practice to be humble and do the best possible to create an equitable work environment that promotes the uplifting of women.

There is no shame in letting another woman take the lead. Some women feel that they need to take the leadership position at every meeting to make their voice heard over their male cohorts. However, allowing space to hear other’s thoughts and opinions helps to create an environment of support and innovation. Women tend to be more empathetic than men, allowing for emotions and feelings to be heard than might not happen at a table full of men. When you work in a field that you are passionate about, it is important to express the emotional connection that you may have to the subject being discussed. Working with other women allows for nurturing those feelings, as opposed to feeling as though those emotions need to be masked with stoicism.

Women are making breakthroughs in a number of industries, and those wins can mean great things for your company. Choose a female mentor to learn how they paved their way to their leadership positions and don’t be afraid to do the same for younger, or less experienced, women in your company. Often, we are victim of “imposter syndrome” and feel that we may have ended up on top by accident and not because of our skills and talents. Don’t let this state of mind take control of you. If you have found success, it is not by accident.

Diversification in all career fields helps to round out culture, allows for better communication and promotes higher quality teamwork. Through their empathetic nature, women are capable of uniting co-workers and strengthen team bonds. A woman's ability to recognize individual strengths can result in designing higher-functioning teams of men and women. Allowing for both genders’ strengths to shine builds the foundation for a successful business model. Women working with other women at managerial and higher-level positions can be of great benefit to learn more about ourselves and our strengths as women.


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