Why Women Are More Likely to Have Side Hustles Than Men

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New reports indicate that more women are likely to have a side hustle than men. In total, CareerBuilder reports that around 32 percent of workers have a side job, which is up 3 percent from last year.

Within those numbers, around 35 percent of women have a side hustle, while only 28 percent of men have a second job or additional stream of income. When you consider the gender pay gap, and the fact that women get less help paying for college.

Specifically, those under the age of 35 are more likely to have a side hustle than those over 35, and the numbers are also broken up by race—where African Americans lead the pack at 46 percent, followed by Hispanic at 40 percent, White at 29 percent, and Asian at 26 percent.

Since we’re no longer in a world where there’s only one employee-employer relationship, many are looking to supplement their income.

More Women Have Side Hustles Than Men

According to a study from Harvard University, women pursue second jobs or additional gigs for different reasons than men. About 69 percent of women use to the extra money for living expenses while only 42 percent of men said the same.

CNN Money lists one example where a female takes on three additional jobs: “selling clothes on Poshmark and Ebay, writing freelance pieces and walking dogs on the Wag app.” This person also teaches yoga for a discount on gym classes.

In today’s freelance, side hustle world, there’s really more benefits to working multiple jobs than working one job, like the “eggs in one basket” scenario. With freelancing, the income will likely come from several sources. With a side hustle, it’s generally a smaller amount on the side, from something like eBay sales or Uber.

How to Start a Side Hustle Today

While many people start a side hustle to simply make a little extra money each month, there are other reasons to get started as well. Based on the high cost of rent, student loan debt, and various other factors, having a small side hustle that is fully being applied to a student loan could literally save someone thousands over time.

Some examples of side hustles include the following:

  • Remote English teacher
  • Uber driver
  • Travel consultant
  • Online dating consultant
  • Social media marketer
  • Tour guide
  • Personal trainer
  • Design consultant
  • Freelance writer
  • Tutor
  • Online teacher
  • Podcast host
  • YouTuber
  • eBay expert
  • Tailor
  • Dog walker
  • Task Rabbit
  • Online editor

These are only a few of the examples one could begin to start their own side hustle, but hopefully these will help you get the wheels turning to begin your own project.

Why to Start a Side Hustle

A side hustle can begin for many reasons. The most obvious, say becoming an Uber driver, is meant to make a little extra money on the side. For this example, it means you have something another person doesn’t (a vehicle, time, or sobriety!) and you exchange that time and product for a fee.

That said, there are other reasons to start a side hustle, even if the additional work doesn’t mean extra money on day one. Starting a blog, for example, is essentially a side hustle or new business that will pay off down the road. This type of side hustle means taking a few minutes each day to create a huge source of income later.

For this option, consider YouTube stars like Whitney Simmons or Casey Neistat, bloggers like Jeff Goins or Maria Popova, or a singer like Karmin, who began performing cover songs to gain followers before creating her own hits. Each person started with 0 followers, but then built a career online.

Where to Begin

There are lots of obvious side hustles to begin and the good news is that, more often than not, there are replicable steps to take with any side hustle. If you wanted to start a small local newspaper, for example, there’s likely a forum online or someone else you can speak to in order to get step-by-step directions.

For those who want to start freelancing, there are programs and resources which teach newbies how to make money from the laptop at home, or while traveling. In addition to writing and graphic design, you can also make additional money as an accountant, translator, programmer, developer, salesperson, marketer, or virtual assistant by learning to freelance.

Whichever side hustle fits you best, know why you got started in the first place in order to stick with it. The only real downfall of a side hustle will be lack of time. If it takes away from your other job or doesn’t quite pan out, don’t be afraid to know when to call it and move on to the next opportunity. 

By Patty Moore, blogger at WorkingMotherLife.com 


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