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Over the weekend, Inc. Magazine named Chic CEO in their list of 25 Companies Determined to Help Women Succeed. Yesterday, I got an email asking if I’d like to chat about potentially being interviewed on Kathy Ireland’s Worldwide Business television show airing to 250 million households. A couple months ago, we were named in the top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs by Forbes. 

Chic CEO has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Amex Open, Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Fox Business and more. I’ve been on podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire and radio shows like Fox Business and Business Rockstars. Not to mention all of the local media attention we’ve received.

And we did it without sending out a single press release or hiring a PR firm.

You don’t have to send out boring press releases to get featured in press - but you do have to get reeeaaallllly creative in order to stand out. 

My best beginner tip is to sign up for HARO. HARO (Help a Reporter Out) sends you 3 emails a day from reporters who are looking to interview people for stories they are working on. You can leverage this to plug your company or service. Cool, right? start there...

If you’re already scouring HARO, I bet you’re looking for more impact. Of all of the media outlets I mentioned above - only one of them came from HARO. So while it’s a great site, it’ll only get you so far.

I have lots of strategies and tactics that I’ve used to get media attention and I’m ready to share them. 

I’m creating a mastermind group of a handful of entrepreneurs who are looking to get game-changing exposure. The kind of exposure that will put your business in a whole new category of credibility. When you can put “Seen in Forbes, Cosmo, NYT, Fast Company” etc. on your website - it’s a big deal. 

This kind of press enables you to raise your rates, get new clients, get more press, create new partnerships and the list goes on. 

This mastermind will solely focus on your press strategy. It’s a way for you to work with me individually and utilize the collective brilliance of a group. They will hold you accountable, give you new ideas and expand your network. I’m part of 2 mastermind groups and the benefit of working with like-minded entrepreneurs is priceless. These entrepreneurs are making millions a year and their communities are loyal and huge. Not only do they understand my challenges, but they have innovative ideas and resources to help me overcome them. I get my best ideas and introductions through my mastermind groups. 

You will get private coaching from me - we’ll work on creating your press strategy and execution. Then you’ll have 4-5 other people to hold you accountable, give you feedback and be in the trenches with you. You will share your brain, resources, ideas, and strategy. You will elevate each other.

I'm keeping it to no more than 6, so if you want a spot - fill out this application and we’ll have a phone call to see if you’re a fit. 

If you are struggling to get the media attention you know would elevate your business - you’ll want a spot in this mastermind. 

Let's do this,



P.S. Are you wanting to join a mastermind with a different topic or focus? Send me a note here with your topic idea. 





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