Breaks Are Good For the Soul

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There is something wildly romantic in escaping into a daydream’s whimsy, and dipping down below the horizon into a new world before you. Pause before you run off into the sunset and take some time to realize why you are going on break, and give yourself a goal. Mindful vacations will make your return to work even better.

Breaks are Good for the Soul

Escaping into a beautiful place can bring you peace, make you more creative, and even affect your long-term health. There are so many great places to relax, rejuvenate, and return from reborn. Recharging the battery is a little different for every person, and it depends on what you need.

What Type of Relax Works for You?

Walking along the white sand shores of a tropical paradise while constantly having a tall drink handed to you compares nothing to a dewy climb up some of the tallest mountains in Alaska for some. Determining the type of rest that you need will provide you with the most long-term benefits depends on what sort of stress relief you need.


Relaxing, lying in the sun, worrying about nothing but what’s behind the next curve on the beach is great for anyone with a stressful job. Hiding yourself away on one of 118 islands tucked away in the South Pacific nation of Tahiti will provide some of the isolation needed to break through the many layers of stress that have grown around your body. If you need to, structure activities every other day on your break to give yourself something to look forward to and do while on your adventure. Reflection will be one of the best ways to escape stress, whether it’s meditation on the beach with the sunrise, or quiet reflection by the pool, relaxation will bring your stress level down and refocus your mind for a return to the corporate world.

Do Something Exciting

If you're a tenacious-type, nothing will make you more nervous than sitting still on an endless island beach. Adventure is what you thrive on, go find something exciting to do. Adventure is a broad area of travel, and even exploring your local national park, forest, or zip line zone can be helpful for the budget minded traveller who needs an escapist adventure close by and full of fun!

But for large adventures, setting yourself up with a tour guide can be the main contributor to a soul-drenched time flushing out your fear, wandering through a forest of half fallen Sitka Spruces in the sprawling cloud lined valleys of the Tongass National Forest. The pressure of getting a spreadsheets done in time, or Janice from Accounting taking your parking spot will wind off your shoulders and melt stress off that you never knew existed. With the screaming thrill of suddenly realizing that the dark shadow growing under you is a killer whale that has travelled from Hawaii to the deep icy waters of the north to swim along the twilight waters of Alaska’s Kenai Fjords. If you’re the type who can’t sit still, find something to fill your body will, so your brain can relax, and you can return to work a better employee.


Time to Learn

Not all vacations are leisure travel, you might love them, but they could technically be considered work. If you are are madly in love with your job, take it to the next level. Vacationing at conferences and seminars that will next level your career aspirations and set you apart from  you from your competition. If you already are the go-to conference gal, consider places where your company is missing out that you can expand on.

This could mean expanding on a topic that you would like to know more about (or that you feel like your company could be missing out on). If you are working for a small start-up that lacks a substantial marketing team, consider getting a digital marketing certification online, and using your vacation to attend a conference. This way you can plan to launch a marketing department, and know what a valuable hire looks like, or, when you reach out to a firm, you can understand what variety of digital marketing will work best for your small business. Gaining invaluable tools like this while on vacation can invigor your soul and push you forward into excellence.


Bringing Something Better Back to the Table

It is so easy to wrapped up in your work, office culture, and all of the million whirling bits of everything that are your career. Take your time on vacation to consider yourself and your career as  a whole and bring yourself back as the comprehensive, complete package that you are.

Vacation is a great time to reflect back on yourself and that can have lasting impacts on your career. Perhaps you haven’t been presenting yourself to the fullest, or maybe you’ve hidden some of your more astounding talents because they aren’t specific to your job. That something better you should bring back from vacation is the comprehensive story of yourself. Come back relaxed and ready go. Update your skills lists if you haven’t listed all of your more amazing talents,  or bring back a plan to move your company into the now. Bring yourself back to work refreshed, renewed, and full of ideas.


Mary Grace lives in the beautiful Boise, Idaho. She loves hiking, skiing, and everything between the top of the mountain and the bottom. If you have any questions or comments, email her back at marmgrace (@) gmail (dot) com or tweet her @marmygrace


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