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Early stage entrepreneurs are frequently intimidated by those with more experience.  And many times middle-stage businesspeople are reluctant to step up to play on a larger stage.  Those who never take the risk to try more most often  have to end their business. 

One thought may help you change how you perceive yourself in order to take the risk needed.  No one else has exactly the same experience as you.  This translates that very likely, they need to know at least some of what you already know.  Treat everyone as an equal.

The following 10 tips will work toward increasing self-confidence:

1.   Be true to self and principles.  

Never compromise on who you are or what your business stands for; walk away from questionable activity.  This speaks volumes for building your personal brand, relationships with people, and trust.  Sales are built upon trust.

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2.  Fear of failure.  

Failure doesn’t exist as long as you are willing to learn from error.  Change vocabulary from failure to marketing research.  Entrepreneurship and Sales make for a continual learning journey.  The more one is open to learning, the more successful one will become.

3.  Anything IS Possible

Many people will pronounce something is impossible.  However, by focusing on that something with determination, it will come about; perhaps not easily but with perseverance, the idea stands a chance for succeeding.

4.  Say Yes! to Opportunity when it scares you

The better opportunities (in alignment with values) that frighten us, are usually the ones that will set us apart from the crowd.  Say “Yes”, and then get the help you need (invest in help if needed) to deliver on that commitment with perfection.

5.  At least yearly, invest in education.

Paying for a coach or trainer is an investment that pays for itself in the end.  The hand holding and personal direction allows one to advance far more quickly.  This saves much wasted time and growth of business contributes to the bottom-line.

6.  Devote at least 10% of time to helping communities with your expertise

The rewarding piece of business is that of helping others to succeed.  The bonus is to find yourself in a leadership position.  As new opportunities arise, the leaders are the ones to be contacted.

7.  Freely share content online

Giving insights on how you approach business, free of charge, attracts those who are in need.  This obviously serves to build your clientele.

8.  Open Minded

Consider all possibilities for growing business in order to select the few that are directly related to your vision and principles.  Likewise, respectfully do the same for your clientele.  Trust and sales will continue to grow.

9.  Collaborate

The old sales model was to be secretive.  But, when we work together, for everyone to gain something, we enjoy a team victory.

10.  Six Month Meeting

Every six months business owners should faithfully review successes along with strategies that didn’t work out well.  Eliminate what did not work well, and leverage what did.  Next, reset your 12-month goal as this is the key for supercharging achievements.

These ten guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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