Week 6 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

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What a week. I saw a building collapse (that I was in), a monkey chased me, I led a team in creating a banquet app. 


Now that we are fully immersed in project work, the whole class is working overtime to get these apps pumped out in record time. The collective energy of the group is: TIRED. Even so, everyone is in great spirits and is happily beat. The energy is low, but we all still have smiles on our faces. 


With an intensive program like this, we all feel the sense of urgency to get in as much instruction and learning as possible. So we’ve all been putting in the extra hours. Not only did our team build a brand new app from scratch - another team built an API and we had to integrate them. 


If you don’t know anything about coding, an API (Application Protocol Interface) is a way for apps to use a third party app in yours. An example? Facebook has an API that developers can use when they create functions that talk to Facebook. Ever login to another site using your Facebook credentials? Ever play FarmVille? Those apps are using Facebook’s API. 


Pretty cool right? 


Yeah, we built one. (Brain explodes…) 


The week was so fun, lots of hard work and I still can’t believe how much we’ve learned in 6 weeks. 


To celebrate a week well done, a group of us decided to caravan down to the beach. After playing in the water for a couple of hours, the sky turned dark and within a few minutes, we were in a full blown storm. To escape the wind, we went into a little restaurant until it was over. While watching the restaurant next to us get pummeled by the wind, we all heard a loud crack and the roof moved over about 2 feet. “Let’s get out of here!” was yelled and 15 seconds after we evacuated, the whole roof came down. Shortly after that, a palm tree about 3 stories tall fell straight down crushing some deck chairs and scooters. 


Exciting day! Adrenaline was high and everyone on the beach started heading for high ground - after they took a lot of pictures of course. ;) 


Week 7 is coming up and we will be working on our own projects, so very excited to get immersed in that. The momentum of the course has definitely sped up, we are working on very complex problems and the challenge continues… 





PS: If you think coding is something you’d like to learn, and you are good at dodging falling buildings - definitely check out www.rubyonthebeach.com. If you’d like a personal intro to the founder, let me know, happy to connect you. 


Photo Credits to: Bret Morgan, Dan Donaldson & TurnPoint Media


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