Week 5 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

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So after a week off, we got back into the swing of things here at Ruby On The Beach and it’s a whole new ball game! 


Instead of class work like we did in the first 4 weeks, we’ve started project work. This means we have split into groups and actually working like a coding team. Our team was tasked with creating an auction site, which we lovingly called Fbay - the premier site for all things F. We sold items like FlameThrowers, Ferraris, Ferrets, Fedoras and more. It was a lot of fun and extremely challenging. 


After just 5 weeks, I still can’t believe that we are able to create something out of thin air. Learning Ruby On Rails has been an amazing experience and definitely achieving a goal I had set for myself a long time ago. Not only are we learning RoR, but learning about databases like Sqlite, Postgresql and MongoDB. Data is the driving force behind any web application, and we’re getting our hands dirty there. 


After week 4, we got to take a week off and a bunch of us headed to the Gili Islands. A remote set of tiny islands that don’t even allow motor vehicles. Everyone gets around by bicycle or horse drawn carriage. We went snorkeling, and laid by the beach. I read 3 books, got a sunburn and Christian and I watched movies at an outdoor theatre on the beach. 


The week off was great - gave all of us a chance to give our brains a rest, allow things to sink in, get some extra study time in and reset. These last 4 weeks are going to be focused on building web apps so we leave the course with fully-functioning portfolio pieces. 



I don’t think I’ll ever get used to monkeys walking around while I’m working! One little guy just let himself into the co-working space we’re at and decided to have a look around - hope you like the picture.



This is fun. ;) 





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