Week 4 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

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We just finished up our retrospective and our whole group can’t believe it’s already been a month since we started. The amount of knowledge we’ve packed in to our heads is absolutely staggering. One of our instructors, Trip, commented that this is the fastest he’s seen anyone learn these programs in his whole career. That’s a great feeling because we are all feeling a sense of urgency to get as much out of our short time together as possible.
I had a small victory today, as I pushed my little app live! It’s right there on the Internet and fully functioning. It’s a To Do app, you can add task, set a due date and assign it to someone. It’s ugly and clunky - but I DID IT. (with some help!)
This week was a ton of project work, working in teams and defining a user experience. it was really fun to see how all of the theoretical things we have been learning get put in to action. 
Typically as humans, we gravitate towards liking things we are good at. I find this to be mostly true in my own life and looking at those around me. In this situation, I feel a bit like Happy Gilmore, in that I’m not very good at what I’m doing right now, but man, I love this! 
Is it hard? YES!
Am I terrible at it right now? YES!
Am I ok with that? DAMN RIGHT!
The founder of Ruby On The Beach, Daniel, mentioned today that as we start to learn something completely new, nothing is really harder than the thing we learned right before it. I find that to be very true. The first week was tough, but now that knowledge is second nature.  Knowing this as we go through something difficult to learn, is a huge relief!! Knowing that I will certainly be better in a few weeks than I am today, and that my journey through this process has been and will be rewarding. 
We are now at our week off and I’m going to go have an actual honeymoon! Christian and I are headed to the Gili Islands to soak up some sun, do some cliff jumping and drink some coconuts. 
Wherever you are in your journey of learning something new - don’t forget: Nothing is really harder to learn than thing you learned yesterday. Don’t give up - you can do it. ;) 


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