Week 2 - Ruby On The Beach Bootcamp

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Week 2 of Ruby on the Beach - CHECK!


Ok - week 2 was rough. But in a good way. 


Have you ever had your brain so stretched, that you knew you’d never be the same? 


That was week 2. 


We dove heavy into the Ruby language - the special speak you need to know in order to apply it to the web framework known as Rails. Aka: the pig latin you need to know in order to play in your friend’s treehouse. 


Once you know the syntax, you are ready to rock. It was a tough week for all of us as it’s literally like learning a new language. Luca from Milan seemed to pick it up - along with a few English curse words, and most inspiring is Mona from Ubud. She is taking the class so she can show others in Ubud that technology is a path for them as careers. She’s doing really well - despite having a language barrier. 


This week we got more dynamic with our code and we used…. ALGEBRA. Remember when you thought you’d never do that again? Well, here it is! Not to worry, it seems to come back pretty quickly ;)


During the week, I was able to get some client calls in and today Christian and I went to the Elephant Safari Park to see these enormous animals and check out the museum. Took us about 45 minutes to get there by scooter and we saw some amazing scenery along the way. 


Our instructors are super talented - learning from them has been a blast as they are all so different. Daniel, the creator of the program starts each morning by putting on some Prince and dancing for us, Trip has dreadlocks and does Ashtanga yoga for 3 hrs every morning before class and Bret is a vegan business owner from NJ who talks a mile a minute and owns a co-working space. Not only are they all amazing programmers, but super creative - which has me hopeful that I will be able to eventually express myself through code as well. Even though it was a tough week, seeing what they can do and knowing they were once in my shoes is really inspiring. 



I was also asked to speak at the Rotary Club Ubud in a few weeks which will be fun - and I’m meeting some great people through the co-working space, Hubud, including one guy who lives in Spain and decided to come here for a month to get his online recycled-artisan portal created. Lots of people here doing cool stuff.


Next week, we start working in Rails and test how well we know the Ruby language so we can start building! I’m thrilled about this, I think that once we start applying what we’ve learned it will really start to sink in. 


Ok - I have to go study now!




PS: If you ever thought you might want to learn how to code - now is definitely the time. If you are curious about the program, Daniel - the program founder has made himself available to anyone in the Chic CEO network for questions. Just send me a note at stephanie@chic-ceo.com and I’ll make an intro for you ;) 





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