Creating Your 2015 Strategy

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Last week I asked you to write me a note telling me what you need in order to make next year a better year for your business. 

Dang ladies!! You got specific!!

(If you didn't email me, feel free to still send over a note telling me what could help you blow it out of the water next year.)

I got a lot of good stuff from you all, but it all boiled down to this: STRATEGY. You want a solid strategy heading into the new year. Who doesn't? If you are serious about your business, and you don't have a strategy.... well, best of luck. 


- What's my social media strategy look like? 
- What's my customer acquisition strategy look like? 
- What's my press strategy look like? 
- What's my content strategy look like? 


Strategy, strategy, strategy. You gotta have one...

Because of the success of our Creating Traction Series last month, we'll be launching another 3-part video series on creating your 2015 strategy. We'll be working through how to get ready for the upcoming year - the name of the game is to plan and then implement. Implementation is the key and we'll be tackling that too. 



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