Traction Series

The Creating Traction Series was a hit! I loved hearing your stories, your tactics and your successes. 


"More amazing advice from Stephanie!  I can't wait to put this plan into action!!  I own a Kids' Gym in Omaha, NE and I can think of at least 10 national news stories that could also apply at a local level (childhood obesity, learning through movement, developmentally appropriate content, communities for stay at home moms, etc.).  I also have a Masters in Education so "becoming an expert" will be an easy role to step into.  Thanks again for the GREAT advice!  Looking forward to video #2!!" - Traci


"Thanks for another great suggestion, Stephanie!  When we launched our website last year, I created an e-book called Work On Purpose.  I'm going to use your tips to publish it on Amazon.  Watch for an email from me to ask for a review!" - Sheri


"Thank you for taking me out of my busy day to focus for 10-15 minutes, and continually realize the potential we all have as entrepreneurs! You never fall short of sharing your wonderful tips and resources!  Your video series "Creating Traction" forces you to focus - don't blur the lines, or go to far outside.  Now get to work!  (Chic-CEO) You = Value Add.  Thanks for all the wonderful support and continued committment to the community of small business entrepreneurs - who in time, become bigger businesses." - Catherine


Watch Now: Video #1 - Localizing A National News Story

Watch Now: Video #2 - Write Your eBook

Watch Now: Video #3 - Creating The Inner Circle


I hope you got a lot from the series, I loved hearing your feedback. Keep up the good work everyone! 




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