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Becky Taylor has always been passionate about education. And that was before she became a franchise owner of multiple Sylvan Learning centers in eastern North Carolina — two in Greenville, N.C.; three in the New Bern/Morehead City territory; and one in Rocky Mount.The Jacksonville, N.C., native has a degree in Special Education from East Carolina University (ECU) in Greenville, as well as a Master’s Degree in Learning Disabilities from ECU. She then spent 10 years working in the public school system before heading back to ECU to teach classes in the Department of Special Education and to supervise student teachers as they completed their practicums.That impressive resume made Taylor a perfect fit for Sylvan, which she describes as having “everything that I wanted: a positive environment, an abundance of resources, better diagnostics and visuals, as well as students and parents that are receptive to learning.”


Taylor felt that she was in her element the moment she stepped into a Sylvan Learning center, and it is a feeling she is happy to share with others. She is excited to mentor others, including her niece Elizabeth, who ended up buying Taylor’s Jacksonville center, making her the youngest Sylvan franchisee at the time. Taylor had extensive classroom experience when she started with Sylvan, but in order to turn her passion into a business opportunity, she needed to learn more about being an entrepreneur. In addition to taking advantage of Sylvan’s training resources, she reached out to other Sylvan franchisees for insight and didn’t hesitate to read every manual she could find that dealt with business practices. While learning the ropes of the business world, Taylor shares several key takeaways that helped her evolve from an educator into a businesswoman:


1. Learning how to delegate. “Teachers have to wear so many hats and have very few resources, so they end up doing everything themselves,” she explains. Learning how to tell others how to help her has been an important part of Taylor’s success.


2. Learning how to empower staff. “This has been the most exciting part of being a franchisee. It feels marvelous to see staff grow.” She has seen many staff members move up in the organization from a teacher assistant, to an instructor, Program Manager, Director of Education, Center Director and even Regional Director. 


3. Learning how to coach employees and give them feedback. To prevent counterproductive behavior, Taylor is not afraid to discuss with employees how something can be done better. “I enjoy coaching others and watching them make necessary changes to benefit themselves and the business.”


4. Being a female is an advantage. Taylor hasn’t felt hampered by her gender. In fact, women own more than 70 percent of Sylvan Learning centers. “To me, people are people, and if I am interested in doing something, I am going to ask as many questions as I can and learn from everyone I encounter so that I can achieve my goals,” she says.


For Taylor, the future holds even more expansion possibilities, including two more locations in Greenville. “Expanding the brand is something that is always on my mind.” Taylor is not alone in her desire to change careers and franchise with Sylvan Learning, a brand on the move. With Sylvan’s next generation programs, innovative technology and proven concept that has helped more than 3 million kids thrive for over 30 years, “mompreneurs” can help make an impact in their communities, too. Click here for more information on franchise opportunities in Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and other markets nationwide.


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