Strong Inside Out

20 Jun 2014

Strong Inside Out

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Chic CEOs are on a mission. We developed our ideas to make the world a better place and to help people lead fuller lives.
One tactic that many Chic CEOs use to expand their businesses is to share their stories to empower others out of negative situations. By building instant rapport with your target audience, you gain trust much more quickly than you normally would. 
It's scary to share our stories, though! It's intimidating to know that the whole world wide web will be able to read about our vulnerabilities. Depending on your business and brand, however, it can be the very step you need to reach the level of success that you're after.
Today I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine and a fellow Chic CEO (she's one of the selfies on the main page!) who is doing life-changing work for youth that struggle with depression and suicide. She's an excellent example of implementing her story into her brand.
Meet Amy Clover, creator of Strong Inside Out, a site that helps people unleash their strong through the power of fitness. Last year, she launched her very first tour to bring her message of hope out into the world. To celebrate the 30th birthday she almost didn't have, Amy visited 30 cities across The US and Canada to teach fitness classes that raised awareness and funds for suicide prevention charity.
Suicide prevention is very close to Amy's heart. In fact, she'd been there before.
Growing up, Amy struggled with clinical depression and obsessive compulsive disorder, a nasty mix that caused many emotional issues for her as a teenager. Because the topic of mental illness is so taboo, Amy never felt safe talking about her issues. She held everything inside until one day in her early 20's, everything fell apart. She felt like she could no longer handle the pain on her own so she decided to end her life.
Luckily, her roommate stopped her and Amy found the help she needed... which surprisingly wasn't simply counseling and medication. Amy found that the harder she worked in the gym, the easier it became to retain the habits she was working so hard on developing with her therapist. She became stronger–inside and out–and knew that she had to share this message with the world.
By sharing her story on her about page, Amy opened up the doors for countless other people who had struggled in the past and were afraid to talk about it. When she launched the tour last year, it was a huge success due in part to her empowering message: that no one is a victim.
She shows people on her blog and through her programs that changing one's life, no matter what life sentences they've been given, is entirely possible. She even takes readers through the process with actionable posts and guides on her site.
Amy's brand IS her story, and it's taken her around the world. Before she published her story online, Amy had only shared her story with 5 people. She says it was one of the most frightening acts she's ever taken, but getting over that fear was the best decision she's ever made. It transformed her brand from typical fitness trainer to a complex, undiscovered niche: empowerment for the struggling through fitness.
Not everyone's brand calls for a story to be shared, but many of us created our businesses out of a problem that we personally worked our way through. By sharing our stories, we invite potential customers into our lives. When they see that you have overcome the very issues for which they're seeking help, they're more likely to choose you over a faceless brand.
People crave personal connection even in business. Through simple touches of brand personalization like sharing our stories, we can become more effective and attract more customers in a genuine way.
This year, Amy's doing another tour, but she needs our hellp! She's crowdfunding for this year's tour fund and she needs as many people as possible to donate and spread the word. 
Please check out Amy's crowdfunding page by clicking here and consider donating and/or sharing it with your network.
Let's show her that Chic CEOs have got her back!


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