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Chic: /SHēk/ - Elegantly and stylishly fashionable.     CEO: Business badass.
At Chic CEO, we believe women should have the business knowledge and support they need right at their polished fingertips. We created this website as a resource for all the amazing women we've met who either didn't know how to implement their ideas or were too afraid to take the plunge. At Chic CEO you'll find easy to understand, easy to implement business knowledge in its most basic form. Best of all, you'll find other women who are willing to share their advice and experiences simply because someone else did the same for them. The ground level information is here for you to get started in being your own boss - the rest is up to you.

Chic CEO Manifesto
We believe just because we're women, it doesn't have to be pink.
We believe in men. Just because we are a site for women, doesn't mean we don't need and love you.
We believe in freedom. Freedom from the time clock, freedom from the paid vacation, freedom from the boss.
We believe in knowledge. Sharing it, challenging it.
We believe in truth. Seeking it, living it.
We believe in money. Learning it, respecting it, making it.
We believe in growth. Getting uncomfortable in order to stretch.
We believe in making time to play, every day.
We believe collaboration is the single best way to fulfill your dreams.
We believe in having it all.

What Chic CEO is NOT:
…a boring website.
…filled with information that doesn’t apply to you.
…so expensive that you can’t afford to participate.
…assuming that you already have a degree in business.
…providing you with theoretical information instead of the practical useful information you need.

What Chic CEO IS:
…filled with how-to information that is practical.
…designed just for women who want to or have already started businesses.
…a place women with ideas can come to and get the information they need to get started and the community to help them thrive.
…a support system of other ladies who have been there or are going through the same challenges.
…a stylish community where you belong.




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