Introducing Blitz Strategy Calls

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Ready for some action-focused strategy, packed into a 20 min call every week? When you have a small team or going solo, learning clever ways of being efficient, spreading the word, planning your day, etc. are really valuable. 

We'll be jamming every week on a topic that will help you get efficient, create systems, proper mindset, handling your team and more. 


Here's how they work: 

1. Sign up for the week's strategy call. Every Wednesday at 12pm PDT. 

2. You will be sent the link before the call so you can log on.

3. If you miss it - the replay will be available for 24 hours then it will be archived in the Chic Elite Program.

4. There will be a bonus on every call - the bonus will be announced at the top of the call. Anyone who signs up for the Chic Elite Program during the call will receive a bonus for doing so. The bonus could be a book, a download, a private call, or anything else that will help you move your business forward.

5. During the strategy call, you'll be able to ask questions so we can dig in on the topic together. 

6. Rinse and repeat: when it's over, sign up for the next week's call! 


These blitz strategy sessions are for you, so if you have a topic you'd like us to talk about - a question you want answered - an issue that's come up - whatever it is, tell us so that we can get it in the queue. Email your topic suggestion to and we'll make sure we get to it. 


Easy easy! 


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