Bonuses Gone Tonight!!

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The Chic Elite Program will always be here for you, but $2600 worth of bonuses will not! 
1) 4 Weeks of group coaching - we're going to jam together and I'm going to bring some friends along
2) Spotlight on the Chic CEO Blog - 100k visits a month to our site, let's tell everyone about you!
3) Partnership Course - Great course if you are going to startup with a partner or thinking about bringing one on. 
4) Lifetime Access to the Download Center - templates and outlines to use immediately.
What you will learn: 
- How to create content. I'll show you a system for creating content for multiple channels on just one idea - saving you a ton of time.
- How to automate. I'll show you how to use the resources you have to automate your business so you have more time to create and think.
- How to grow your list. I'll show you how we went from 0 - 50,000 subscribers without spending a dime
- How to put together systems. You'll learn how to manage your back-end so that you can run more efficiently and grow without crashing.
- How to prepare for scaling. If you want to have a business that gives you freedom, it must be able to grow without you. 
And don't forget: I'm going to show you step-by-step how to throw an event that will pay for your membership ;) Join now.
If you've been on the fence, now is the time to act - get the most value possible by joining today.
Save more time and make more money by learning what works instead of trying what doesn't. The trainings I've created for you in the Chic Elite Program are so succinct and straight to the point that I promise - you'll SAVE TIME. 
And I have some really cool friends (have you checked out our Brain Trust?) that want to come in and share their smarts too.  
Imagine if…
    •  You were able to create an income that allowed you to leave your 9-5
    •  You knew the secrets to getting featured in the media
    •  You had a system to run the back-end of your business
    •  You met more amazing women like you to surround yourself with and lean on
    •  You created a business that you love
    •  You implemented simple strategies into your business that actually WORKED!!
    •  You built a platform of users who love to hear from you!
    •  You make the impact you are working so hard to make  
I'm already getting emails and notes from women who joined yesterday who say they've gotten a ton of new ideas from the first training and are implementing what they've learned. Are you ready to be the kick ass entrepreneur you've been dreaming of? Of course you are, let's do this together. 
But you have to join by tonight to get all of the bonuses I've put together for you. This is your time!! You have the business, I have the tools - it's a match made in heaven. 
Recap of the Chic Elite Program: 
• Monthly Trainings, full of the step-by-step info you need to rock it. 
    - Trainings include: Bootscrapping, List Building, Scaling, Getting Customers, Building Systems
• Free Chic Works account - back-end software to run your email marketing campaigns, automation, CRM and more. 
• Private Portal for all of your trainings and a place to connect with other women going through the same things you are.
• Bonus content
• Templates, Outlines, Scripts, and more…
$49 a month is a small price to pay to get your time back and finally start seeing some results. 
Join now - get your first training, get your bonuses, and start seeing results. You can cancel any time you like. It's Friday! You have all weekend to get prepared and crush it next week. 
See you on the other side!


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