SXSW 2014 Startup Roundup - Day 1

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SXSW Interactive 2014 is off and running! I moderated a panel today called "Life Automation for Entrepreneurs" with Dave Asprey, the BulletProof Exec, Veronica Belmont with Sword & Laser, and Maneesh Sethi, founder of Pavlok. We had an amazing discussion about when and how to automate tasks in our lives and our businesses to mitigate decision fatigue. Fascinating stuff.

Just like I did last year, I am bumping into founders of new startups and this year is already impressive. Here's my roundup of the coolest startups I've met today.
1. In the greenroom before the panel, I got to talking with Ulysses Alvarado as he was ironing his pants. I asked if he made sandwiches too. Ulysses and his co-founder Phillip Gabbard, have started one of the first social media sharing sites for the latin market. It's called TuVision Canal and they've been described as a mashup of YouTube, Hulu and Vimeo - they are launching here at SXSW. @tuvisioncanal

2. Also in the greenroom, we got to chatting with a gent who has created a company called Geppetto Avatars. They build artificial intelligence that brings virtual characters to life. An example use case he describes: children with asthma can be taught how to treat themselves using the avatar - they can ask questions, learn lessons and get treatment. @geppettoavatars

3. People+ pitched today in one of the many pitch competitions going on this week. I chatted with Peter Berger, Founder and CEO, before he headed in to compete. People+ is in beta, but they describe themselves as the wikipedia meets LinkedIn. You can add info on a person or a company just like on wikipedia so people can search through user generated content about people and companies. @getpeopleplus

4. Cristina Quintania was at the MoFilm tent drinking a Deep Eddy cocktail tonight when we got to chatting about her new startup: ReFashion. ReFashion is about to launch their podcast in April and will be discussing the intersection of tech and fashion. She'll be focusing a lot on what's being innovated on in the fashion world via technology, by interviewing entrepreneurs that are working to change the landscape. @refashion_co

xoxo, Stephanie



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