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We hope you’ve all seen and heard our entrepreneur spotlight on Carrie Dorr, founder and chief concept officer, of Pure Barre. Carrie has an inspiring story as she took a leap of faith and left a successful career as a lawyer to open up her first Pure Barre studio in the basement of an office building in 2001. Since then, Pure Barre has grown to become the largest barre franchise in the nation, with over 200 studios open across the country. 
Pure Barre has exploded in popularity due to a number of factors, with the primary reason being that the workout truly works! The technique changes clients’ bodies quickly and safely by lifting your seat, toning your thighs, abs, and arms, and burning fat in record-breaking time.
PureBarre is also a fantastic business opportunity for entrepreneurs who want the independence and satisfaction of owning your own business, with the benefits of a national brand and a strong corporate team to support you. There are multiple revenue streams within each studio, including our popular barre classes, as well as high-end retail apparel and accessories.
Hear from a few Pure Barre franchisees what it’s like to own a Pure Barre studio:

“I fell in love with the workout and culture. The fact that I love what I do is so gratifying. When Sunday night rolls around, I don't sit there and dread starting my week all over again.  It's work; that's for sure. But, most days, it doesn't feel like I'm working. All of this feels so meant to be.” – Marni Chaikin, owner of three Pure Barre studios in CA

“I love seeing the individual results, and experiencing the joy that comes from transforming people’s lives for the better. I also enjoy the pride of ownership that comes from running a high-quality business that exceeds the expectations of my clients in every possible way, and allows me to make meaningful contributions to the community. I love watching my clients gain confidence in their appearance and seeing them achieve their hopes and dreams. I love the fact that in addition to all these benefits to my clients, there are also substantial financial rewards that come from owning a Pure Barre studio.” – Annie Locke, co-owner of the Pure Barre Louisville, Summit studio

“I was so impressed with the Pure Barre technique, the amazing communities Pure Barre created with clients, as well as the smart and strong group of owners that I just had to open my own studio. After being a pharmacist for the last decade, this is first time in my adult working life that I truly understand what it is like to be passionate about what I do, so work doesn't feel like work…” – Kiersten Kemp, co-owner of the Pure Barre studio in Grand Rapids, MI


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