Keeping Organized
Organization is a key factor in every Chic CEO’s success. Planning and using your time intelligently, keeping clear goals and making informed decisions will make you much more productive and maximize your effectiveness.  Being organized, detail oriented and oh-so pulled together not only helps with those things but makes your life easier. Here are nine fabulous ways to make sure you (and your business) are always on top of your game.

1. De-clutter your workspace. Sounds super simple, but I think we can all agree that it’s not. Use a big inbox on your desk. All mail and loose paperwork can go in there to be filed daily, yes daily. Get all dirty dishes off of your desk and workstations. Put all office supplies in drawers and files in file folders or cabinets. De-cluttered workspace = De-cluttered headspace.

2. Use a tasking software.  There are so many tasking softwares out there that will organize you, your projects and your team. Things, OmniFocus, Mindmeister, Basecamp, etc. are all great programs to keep you on track.

3. Make files to hold paperwork. Label these files: To Do, To Read, To File, To Sign, To Hand Off, To Shred. File your paperwork accordingly. Bring your To-Read file with you on long flights, riding the train, waiting for your dentist appt, etc.
4. Give your projects a name or number. By naming your projects or giving them a specific project number, you can easily search your files, computer, email for all documents or messages that pertain to that project. Every piece of communication should include this number or name for this reason. It's helpful to put this number or name in the subject of all emails pertaining to the project. For example: "JOB01 Marketing Plan for Mousy's" would be an email subject line. You can then search your email program for all communications regarding this project using this project number.

5. Organize your emails by client or project. Create files for your projects and file all inbox and sent messages that pertain to that project into that email folder. (Yes, file your sent messages too.) This saves a lot of time when you need to refer back to a particular email regarding that particular project. Remember how you named all of your projects? By doing a simple search, you can move all messages that contain that number to its own folder. Cake.
6. Use a smart phone. There are so many ways to keep yourself organized using your smartphone. You can set up appointments, access your calendar and usually sync with task management software you’re already using.
7. Organize your digital files. Your computer desktop can get just as cluttered as your actual desk top. Create files to save all of your important documents so that you can refer to them easily. Financials, Legal, Marketing, HR, Product Planning, Clients, Marketing, Photos and Logos, Contracts, etc. that will help you to easily access and organize your files.
8. Calendar all of the little details. Use your planner to schedule all the little details that clog up your brain. Deadlines, payments due, contract renewals, delivery dates, etc. Get it out of your head and into your calendar.

9. Have Thank You cards on hand. Keep a big stack of Thank You cards and stamps in your drawer. You ALWAYS have someone to thank and they will be readily available when you do.


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