How To Retain Your Customers

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Did you know that retaining 5% of your customers can lead to a 30% increase in profits? 
That's a lot of dough! How are you showing your customer's the love so they stay with you?

Our partner, Deskero, is a cloud-based help desk software, born from an innovative idea: creating a new kind of relationship with customers that really focuses on their needs. 

You've got a lot to manage - emails, phone calls, chats, websites and social networks! Deskero gathers it all together on one dashboard so that it is instantly accessible with a few clicks of the mouse. Now you can clear off all of those distracting post-its that are cluttering your desk and manage your customers with ease.

Tons of different features
Deskero isn’t your usual boring management software. There are tons of different features that are specially designed to streamline clients’ management, reduce answering time and simplify customer care.

• Customize the appearance of a web portal to make your customers feel at home when they need to reach you

• Guarantee special treatment for the top clients and offer them advanced service

• Create templates for the most common questions to speed up the answering process

• Organize a knowledge base by entering solutions into a public database that clients can freely browse to find answers on their own.

• Use a chat system to immediately get in touch with an agent

• Gather feedback and comments directly from your web site

• Access useful visual analytics to monitor the agents work

• Exclusive social monitor features enable you to analyze day-to-day trends in the social media assets of your brand

Free assisted configuration
Once you become a part of the Deskero family, we will help you by assisting you step by step in your initial setup. We'll show you everything Deskero has to offer!

Check out our four different plans and choose which one is most suitable for you.




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